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Comment: As An Aside... (Score 1) 71

by Guy From V (#49773103) Attached to: Large Amount of Star Citizen Art Assets Leaked

As one of a lot of "early contributors/gamma testers" I can say this will be a rather good game, at least better and more approachable than EVE Online...which I despise. It has more of a BattleTech/XvT vibe. It won't usher in Ragnarok or raise the dead but it will be worth the wait for most people who would decide to play it anyway.

Comment: Re:We're just getting sneakier.... (Score 4, Interesting) 222

VPN sessions are most likely strongly encrypted insulating against any snooping on your connection...any cookies needed for the session are ephemeral keyfiles. Make sure your connection terminates quickly enough if the tunnel is broken and watch for DNS leaking. No logs could betray any data that would be of any use, some VPN companies say they don't keep logs (probably true, don't bet your life) and you can change server/IPs in a couple clicks. If you are paranoid, connect Tor through a VPN tunnel but this can be risky unless you watch what you are doing. Most VPNs are very safe, much safer than not having one at least.

Comment: Re:Probably better off (Score 2) 386

You know it my brother, you hold up a Ticonderoga and look at the number/shape/color combination labeling and you can tell which have slightly radioactive graphite used to trace people. But they only radiate in pulses at certain times of the day that I've made a log of. You can easily use your smartphone to detect them...I've got some literature you might be interested in...

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