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Comment: Lightning II is Multirole (Score 1) 821 821

It can dogfight. It may be expensive as hell and already getting old as tech goes before its even rolled out officially, it may not be able to go toe-to-toe with Su-35 Flanker-Es or F-22 Raptors, PAK-FA or the supposed Chengdu J-20, it may not "technically" have Supercruise ability. But all this is is designed as a multirole, modular attack fighter: it can put up a fight that is risky for even the best fighter jets to commit to if forced to...and that is all that needs to be accomplished. In it's designed role it will act as an attacker flanked by air superiority badasses which as of right now is technically still the F-22 Raptor (that may not be true theoretically now, but still...). In its role as a piece in the air dominance puzzle it fits, it may not be pretty and getting old on the vine and almost ready to ship to the modern jet boneyard, but saying "it can't dogfight" is a stawman: it can, but isn't designed to be an air superiority jet. Its like saying "The Raptor can't attack infantry columns or submerged subs". Yeah...but it can make sure that other attack platforms in the air that can do that are 100% free to do so in air conditioned comfort.

Comment: Good piece on this (Score 1) 88 88

Yesterday on the John Batchelor Show, the proposal by was for the Spaceguard to be formed as the Coast Guard for space, and for space to be governed by the space-equivalent of Maritime Law, which would fly in the face of current space treaties. The Spaceguard would also become sentinels and eyes out into space, having the funds and decision-making authority and hierarchy, as well as arms, like the USGS defending against asteroids and you-name-it. Until the mission into space becomes primarily for colonization rather than exploration, like the government states in public at least, then it will be regarded as unimportant. Also the fact that our governments are so risk-adverse as to allow for reasonable casualties and the necessary risk to be allowed, by the many who would gladly do so and who did so in the past commonly, is holding expansion into space back.

I think it was the author of this book:

Comment: Re:Rolling Code RKEs (Score 1) 165 165

I actually haven't done the transmitting part of this equation, but I have done the receiving/filtering part using my own fob...that's why I left that out I guess, but I'm pretty sure the transmitting of a known signal is the least difficult to do of this project. Probably some RF module or even a salvaged laptop soundcard.

Comment: Rolling Code RKEs (Score 1) 165 165

I can confirm how fuck-all simple it is to rig an RTLSDR dongle assembly with a 9-volt battery and a small breadboard to intercept & jam an incoming signal from the actual fob. After the dongle knows the frequency, it is now synced to the proper frequency range and "channels" to cycle through while the legit fob is now "out of sync" since the next time the fob sends a signal it won't be the right one needed to trigger whatever it was supposed to do. Eventually the legit fob will come around to the right signal needed but its hard to say how many times the owner would need to keep hitting the button. All that occurs in the 300 mHz range I think. I'm sure any of the other higher systems' signals are probably in the gHz WiFi range but that would just require the proper antenna since a software defined radio has a wide range and can be calibrated very precisely as to not bleed over the plan's spectral mask delineations.

Simplicity does not precede complexity, but follows it.