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Comment Not Just Board & Card Games (Score 4, Informative) 57

Ye olde pen and pap'r role playing games are thriving in the crowdfunding environment. White Wolf's classic World of Darkness line, which ended over a decade ago making way for their new revamped (rimshot) 2.0 version has been resurrected (groan), bought and licensed from the clueless buffoons at CCP games who absorbed WW. Under the Onyx Path label many original authors and developers have used Kickstarter campaigns amazingly effectively producing some excellent quality stuff that's at least as good as the original, I think even better in some cases. Projects usually get 100% funding within hours and most of the projects I followed and sent money to capped off at ~ 200-300% or more. Shadowrun, BattleTech and Call of Cthulhu are all doing well in crowdfunded ecosystem plus the massive amount of independent projects and project lines is staggering. Even better, the [total dogshit]:[pretty good] ratio has been steadily rising as well.

Comment This Is Getting Old (Score 0) 732

Yes, the Lightning II is a clusterfuck of Swiss Army Knife JSF-Syndrome and it is a failure and the remaining models used to their best ability (ps bring back the A-10 out of premature retirement, fuckos...what the hell was up with that shit? While I'm at it go back about a decade or so and un-mothball the RAH-66 Comanche anti-armor stealth reconnaissance helicopter and throw some current tech at it, I'll bet that would be versatile as hell with a lot less of pricetag...but I digress.). The Lightning II is a MULTIROLE ATTACKER not a fucking AIR DOMINANCE FIGHTER: The F-35 can be outgunned and caught flatfooted (which configs of the F-35s that were bested would reveal more, as they can be very different: that's one of their meager advantages) by an F-16 Fighting Falcon (possibly the most battle-tested and victorious fighter jet in history, even today), an SU-35 Flanker-E (In any airspace that these jets hunt, unless you're piloting a F-22 Raptor, you got the short stick that sortie...even then I'd give it 4:1 odds.), an SU-27 (I believe it's NATO call is Terminator not Flanker) is just a slightly less BVR-capable SU-35 with supermaneuverability and a bit less ECW ability, no slouch. The F-18 vs F-35 is the most "apples to apples" in this article, but again...how the Lightning II is fitted for the task at hand is crucial to knowing if it got schooled. After all that crap nobody probably cares about I just stream-of-consciousnessed that everyone probably thinks is BS I'll just end it and say: This plane is designed to fit in probably the most devastating and feared attack wing in history flanked by two F-22s. If those 3 planes have been mobilized to be sent against you as an enemy, there should be some serious recalculating of the risk-reward ratio concerning your goals in the scenario you're now in.

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