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Comment: Re:It's cold up there (Score 1) 244

Speaking from a scientific angle accounting for what urban legend tells us about zombies and extrapolating from ancient vampire-like mythology (vampyr, revenants, SE Asian penanggalan. Celitic dearg-due, or Africas anbosamthe) which, although need blood to sustain their existence, don't need a working circulatory system or functioning organs. It would seem if a walking corpse, if truly undead, wouldn't be hindered by cold conditions as they would feel no pain. Perhaps incapacitation could start when the remaining or freshly consumed blood began to freeze in the veins and arteries if still present and/or in the stomach or the surrounding area of the lower abdomen. I do assume that higher, more defensible areas with limited realistic passages into or through such as carved out by glacial moraines, sheer cliffs, mountain access with narrow pathways to either shut off or open at will or that would provide "fatal funnels" and optimal locations that could allow defenders with scoped rifles at distance to take advantage of enfilade or flanking/raking shot opportunities and reduce possible organization in a hive-mind kind of sense to attack en mass in a defilade pattern to maximize effectiveness of each cartridge as to conserve ammunition and require less defenders for adequate defense. Vampires would be a totally different scenario because not only would they not fall victim to disorganization but be able to herd people into such areas as "pastures" and of course have access to and probably more proficiency with modern (and ancient) weaponry and technology, as well as complicated motivations and emotions and an indefinite amount of time to plan and a learned spiderlike (humanlike?) patience and enjoyment in the hunt until to the point of starvation or low on blood that animates them - unthinking zombu/ghoul armies each in the millions yet in pockets marauding would be far less terrifying and defensible against than is portrayed I think.

Not so in a vampiric takeover of the world, which would be more systematic, cunning and disguised for as long as possible and happen incrementally with stealth, bribery, imitation and manipulation at the beginning and rely on apathy and propaganda dissemination by media as well as seditious humans that agree to work with vampires for gain or power, kapos, if you will.

After all, its happening right now as we speak and most people don't even know or care. I say bring of the zombies and let the cleansing of our species begin.

Comment: Check HOSTS For Security Vendors (Score 2, Interesting) 39

by Guy From V (#49159449) Attached to: Pharming Attack Targets Home Router DNS Settings

Just make sure your hosts file isn't populated with a random bunch of known security software vendors' names like eset, trendmicro, kaspersky, avira or some shit with a loopback to your local before them. I've seen some really screwed up hostfiles on my friends' PCs that look like that. I just trash them in favor of one of the well-known complete hostfiles that some dudes keep updating around the web ...I forget the names of the websites and authors...so...y'know...this advice is a big help lol. I'm sure someone remembers on here...

Comment: No AI is a Wizard (Score 0) 148

by Guy From V (#49132555) Attached to: Artificial Intelligence Bests Humans At Classic Arcade Games

I'd like to see AI take me on after a few quality bong hits while I rock the orbits and ramps of Black Knight 2000 with perfect captive ball shots or I slam-tilt a Star Trek:TNG table without losing my 50 cents. ...Or totally get 57 second of playtime and 36,000 points out of another 2 games and 6 lost balls after I hit nothing but the glass and scoreless bumpers while every shot goes down the side gutters or perfectly in the center of a triple flipper gauntlet totally getting screwed over by those damn magnets. Wait, what were we talking about agian?

Comment: Re:Greek Myths (Score 1) 253

The problem is that there aren't any truly capitalist states, nor has one ever existed. The capitalists you think are persecuting these ochlocratic countries are just a just a bit more capitalist than they are. A truly capitalist state would be vastly more harmonious and progressive than most any other kind of state, the misery and repression begin when capitalism begins to slip into fascist corporatism. At least IMHO.

Comment: Greek Myths (Score 2) 253

I'm pretty sure the River Styx freezing with Aphrodite and Helen of Troy ice skating naked while Dionysus hands out brews and bags of trainwreck is less mythological than the possibility that Greece's economy will start looking up with the current megasocialist nanny state political mindset going on over there. "Crypto" currency is right, like...literally.

One can't proceed from the informal to the formal by formal means.