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Comment Make every wrong DMCA cost double (Score 1) 224

I reiterate my demand that for every company every wrongly created DMCA notice should cost the double of the previous one. Starting at $1
And cost is down half by every day passed without screw up.

As this DMCA contains a lot of videos, for the same day the cost will be:
$1+$2+$4+$8+$16+$32+$64.... we quickly get into the billions....
That would force such companies to first check what they do before doing a DMCA for "THE" or "BOOK"

They still can create one bad takedown per day. That is 365 idiot claims per year per company without it costing them more than $1

Comment Re:Verbatim FTW (Score 1) 424

Verbatim FTW.

It gets you *almost* back to the pre-Google+ days, when they took away the "+" sign as a search modifier.

Ah, seems google has only one +
They took it away from search to be able to use it for Google+
As Google+ is not really that success, mybe bring the + back to the search. That would be neat.
Or buy a second +, please!

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