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Comment Re:many non-issues, some serious ones (Score 1) 349

this is my linux, stock Xubuntu, works perfectly, just the random freeze on standby.
Before last update it was freezing when changing WiFi settings. Now it freezes, about every 4th time, when I close the lid.
Have fun: https://twitter.com/GunstickUL...
Now how do I do a bug report with this? There is no debugging output nowhere. Just a flashing LED.

Comment Make every wrong DMCA cost double (Score 1) 224

I reiterate my demand that for every company every wrongly created DMCA notice should cost the double of the previous one. Starting at $1
And cost is down half by every day passed without screw up.

As this DMCA contains a lot of videos, for the same day the cost will be:
$1+$2+$4+$8+$16+$32+$64.... we quickly get into the billions....
That would force such companies to first check what they do before doing a DMCA for "THE" or "BOOK"

They still can create one bad takedown per day. That is 365 idiot claims per year per company without it costing them more than $1

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