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Comment Make every wrong DMCA cost double (Score 1) 224

I reiterate my demand that for every company every wrongly created DMCA notice should cost the double of the previous one. Starting at $1
And cost is down half by every day passed without screw up.

As this DMCA contains a lot of videos, for the same day the cost will be:
$1+$2+$4+$8+$16+$32+$64.... we quickly get into the billions....
That would force such companies to first check what they do before doing a DMCA for "THE" or "BOOK"

They still can create one bad takedown per day. That is 365 idiot claims per year per company without it costing them more than $1

Comment Re:Verbatim FTW (Score 1) 424

Verbatim FTW.

It gets you *almost* back to the pre-Google+ days, when they took away the "+" sign as a search modifier.

Ah, seems google has only one +
They took it away from search to be able to use it for Google+
As Google+ is not really that success, mybe bring the + back to the search. That would be neat.
Or buy a second +, please!

Comment Never update all your production systems in one go (Score 1) 253

Yea, standard rule.
Maybe the plane was in test? So not production. So no need to follow that rule?
Well ok, a test plane is still running in production as far as avionics goes, even if it's still in testing!
And if you have 4 systems in your test environment, there's a reason. You *don't* update all of them, or 3/4 of them. But half!
And I guess, with 2 engines, the plane could have been saved.
I'm a sysadmin, and I blame the sysadmin as the cause of the catastrophe.

Comment Replace everything by the same thing, sure ... (Score 2) 189

Replacing all windows7 installs by new windows7 installs will for sure remove the possibility of the same malware hitting again. DOH!
Maybe change platform.
There are 2 other OS to consider, MacOS and Linux.

An important organization should always have 2 completely different platforms.
Not only 2 different browsers on the same OS, but different OS. And by different I don't mean a Microsoft-different who state the XP is not NT and is not Win7. It's all windows!
Same goes for Linux, where redhat or debian is not different, it stays Linux. Sunos may be different.

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