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Comment: Goats are cute until ... (Score 1) 466

by GunDawg (#27820643) Attached to: Google Mows With Goats
they are lying dead on the ground from all the poisons they ingested from the grass they ate that was sprayed with weed killers. Also, is Google planning to let people walk on the grass afterwards? Look out for the goat turds (round pellets). Should make for some good pranks, though. Boston baked beans anyone? How about some fresh brewed coffee?

Comment: NY Times science doesn't equal reality (Score 1) 309

by GunDawg (#27644697) Attached to: Telepresence — Our Best Bet For Exploring Space

As others here have pointed out, by the time the craft gets to the targeted alien planet, the original researchers who implemented the idea of "telepresence" will have been dead a long time and those who are responsible at the time the craft gets there will be wondering "what the hell is that blinking red light for on that console".

Comment: About Hitler ... (Score 2, Insightful) 518

by GunDawg (#27311209) Attached to: German Police Union Chief Wants Violent Game Ban After Shooting

What video game shall we blame for Adolf Hitler's actions?

(Oh, that's right. VIDEO GAMES weren't invented yet!!!)

The human mind is the greatest weapon ever created, plain and simple. Because the German police have lost touch with reality and decided to be patrol officers instead of being active in their society, what that teenager did was ALLOWED to happen.

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