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by GumphMaster (#46763415) Attached to: 52 Million Photos In FBI's Face Recognition Database By Next Year

Please do not fly commercially, you clearly will not respect the authority of the pilots or the safety that zero blood alcohol/drug levels add to ( Don't consume anything that is mined in my part of the world, most (all) mining companies have zero tolerance for drink/drugs and random testing for same... even for office staff.

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by GumphMaster (#46762061) Attached to: OpenBSD Team Cleaning Up OpenSSL

My favourite bit: "There are probably many ways to shave this yak; here’s one." I always love a new (to me) take on classic clichés.

It strikes me that, even if you accept a need for internal memory management like this, you would expect the security sensitive software to assume that every freed block of memory contained something sensitive and zero it immediately. Had it been doing that this bug would also have appeared many moons ago.

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by GumphMaster (#46700205) Attached to: Rover Curiosity Discovers Australia-Shaped Rock On Mars

Or perhaps you are looking from a point to the northeast of a mirror reversed far north Queensland coast. The large notch is the Gulf of Carpentaria with Cape York Peninsula to the right, Arnhem Land/Northern Territory to its left, and the Kimberley coast trailing off around the back. As usual, Tasmania has just been dropped. It is as much Australia as the face on Mars is facial.

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Thanks for the links. I don't think D1 is a variable, they describe D2 as the Aircraft-Satellite Doppler shift, and you need two objects to measure a shift.

As the southbound aircraft passed the equator (satellite) you would indeed expect the aircraft's radial velocity component to drop to a minimum (something the north path would not see I expect). At the edge of the satellite coverage the aircraft will be close to the edge of the planet as seen from the satellite, so much of its velocity would be in the plane tangential to the Earth passing through aircraft and satellite (though not, one would expect, directly toward the satellite). The satellite has time variable velocity components that may be as high as 100 knots rel. to ground that also come into play. Its a continuum in between and a very interesting geometrical puzzle. Certainly the aircraft airspeed limits and norms would put a maximum limit on the Doppler shift due to aircraft motion.

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FB has never sold a hardware product til now.

With current trends they will only ever lease the hardware to you at King Zuck's pleasure. It will be a criminal offence to use the device in connection with another service, disable or circumvent "effective technological measures" to prevent data collection (DMCA-style), or to post a negative review.

That, or Zuck mistook it for a Google Glass killer.

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Ok, so more geosynchronous than geostationary. It moves over a range of 3.336 degrees (0.058 radians) from north to south in ~12 hours. At 42164 km from the centre of the Earth that is a distance of 2454 km in twelve hours: a crude average of 204 km/hour or 110 knots. A jet aircraft typically does 450knots, so that satellite movement is significant in comparison to the aircraft. There will also be a slight east-west motion, and rise/fall in altitude. Looking at the irregular shape of the combined motions ( see http://www.satellite-calculati... ) the combined aircraft-satellite motions at each handshake event could provide the north-south differentiation claimed. I learned something today.

Comment: X-Art Shakedown Failing? (Score 5, Interesting) 158

This is one of those cases where the settlement shakedown, even with the threat of publicly exposing one's porn viewing habits, has failed. Some more here: Maybe they will eventually give up the cause but I expect the X-Art lawyers to keep going in every other district and jurisdiction while there is still a buck to be extracted.

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