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Submission + - Google uses Google Docs to mix Linux, Windows

kripkenstein writes: "According to a quoted intern's comment during the recent Ubucon at Google NY, Google uses Google Docs & Spreadsheets internally and thus avoids document interoperability issues between Windows and Linux PCs:

A funny moment near the beginning was when we were asking a Google intern questions. Apparently only the engineers all get Ubuntu on their machines, and other staff have windows because it's "easier." Somebody asked how they deal with interoperability between OO.o and MS Office, and he said "Well, you know we have this product called Google Docs..."
I guess in the case of Google itself, using Google Docs & Spreadsheets means you are still saving your data in-house. Also interesting in the quote is that Google engineers apparently use Ubuntu, while other staff use Windows."

Submission + - Vista Drivers Listing

RadarSync writes: "Check out this page of free links to Vista drivers: In many cases it has drivers that Microsoft doesn't have and that aren't easily found on the manufacturer's site: For example, see what this guy wrote: "I have an on-board C-media High Definition surround sound Audio system. Again after hunting for drivers on the manufacturer sire I was having no luck. There was mention of Vista Drivers but nothing to download. After hunting on the net I eventually found this site that and downloaded there driver.. and after a reboot... I had sound!""

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