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+ - How Should Small-Time Artists Protect Their Work?->

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Wellington Grey
Wellington Grey writes "I'm a small webcomic author and have recently discovered that some people have taken my illustrations and are selling them in various forms (on CafePress, for example). I don't have large sums of money nor a lot a free time after my day job to try and follow up on issues like this. I thought that by making my work available under a creative commons license would give good karma and allow people to copy, but not commercially. What steps could be taken in a situation like this to protect my work?"
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+ - How would one sell a web application?->

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rastakid writes "I've just started the selling process of a web (2.0, so you will) application I wrote, called It's an online desktop environment built in PHP using AJAX technology. It started out as a hobby project to learn AJAX development but it soon grew much further than that with features being added on a weekly basis. Now that I (and a couple of friends who helped me on this project) are moving on to other things we don't want to let our work go to waste and decided to sell the source code, art material and domain name.

Based on the features and the possibilities of this application we decided to go for an amount of EUR 5,000.-. In our opinion that's enough to be considered serious and not too much for smaller companies to pay. Our target audience consists of entrepreneurs, companies (intranet) and schools.

My question: how would one go about selling such a web application? Where do we market such a sale? Any tips would be appreciated.

Note: If you would like to have more information about the application: please visit"

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+ - Firefox 3 To Support Offline Apps

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An anonymous reader writes "Read/WriteWeb reports that Robert O'Callahan from Mozilla, a kiwi who drives the rendering engine of Mozilla/FireFox, spoke at the recent New Zealand Foo Camp event about how Firefox 3 will deliver support for offline applications. This means you'll be able to use your web apps — like Gmail, Google Docs & Spreadsheets, Google Calendar, etc — in the browser even when offline. Not only does this move suit Google, but it makes Firefox attractive as the browser platform of choice for SaaS providers like All of which will hit Microsoft where it hurts. Robert O'Callahan turns up in the comments to the article to say that "Yes, Web apps need to be reengineered for this, and no, no-one (including Google) has announced they will do so — although we hope they will!"."

+ - Congress wants to monitor emails, IMs, etc.

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Josh Nelson
Josh Nelson writes "A bill introduced last week by Representative Lamar Smith (R-TX) is beginning to raise eyebrows.

[It] would require ISPs to record all users' surfing activity, IM conversations and email traffic indefinitely. The bill, dubbed the Safety Act by sponsor Lamar Smith, a republican congressman from Texas, would impose fines and a prison term of one year on ISPs which failed to keep full records. (emphasis mine)
This is a terrifying development and it must be stopped before it gains any significant momentum. Background, Action items and contact information at this link."

+ - Teraflop Chip

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PsimonSez writes "80 core chip to be the norm in laptops within 5 years! I want one please. p.html?_r=3&ref=technology&oref=slogin&oref=slogin &oref=slogin "Intel will demonstrate on Monday an experimental computer chip with 80 separate processing engines, or cores, that company executives say provides a model for commercial chips that will be used widely in standard desktop, laptop and server computers within five years.""

+ - Blu-ray Secretly Courting Porn Studios

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ahoehn writes "In contrast to previous coverage on Slashdot, the LA Times is reporting that both HD-DVD and Blu-ray have been actively courting the adult video industry. Even though Sony is still publicly refusing to manufacture adult Blu-ray discs, the article states that, "Last summer, a group pitching Blu-ray visited the Canoga Park offices of Wicked Pictures, whose films include 'As Sleazy as 1-2-3' and 'Womb Raiders.' Wicked executive Jackie Ramos said the Blu-ray proponents spent hours explaining how the movie studio could benefit from releasing Blu-ray DVDs, which deliver dramatically higher picture quality than conventional discs. But what amused Ramos was the warning that came after the presentation — 'They said, 'We can help you, but remember: We were never here.''"

The article implies, but doesn't implicitly state that the representatives came directly from Sony."
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+ - Students suspended for remarks on Prinicpal

Submitted by Uthic
Uthic (931553) writes "The Toronto Star reports that 11 students at Robert F. Hall Catholic Secondary School were suspended for up to eight days for remarks they made about their principal, Edward McMahon, on a Facebook group. The remarks were apparently derogatory and insulting due to the students' discontent with their principal and fell under the category of cyber-bullying. Additional information can be found on The Caledon Enterprise Website. Bruce Campbell, spokesman for the local school board, added that it's one thing to complain about your teacher or principal, but "you're taking it to a whole new level when you're putting it out there on the Internet." The group appears to have disappeared from Facebook, but there are other groups up that have some discussion about it, so one can't really verify what was said."
Wireless Networking

+ - GSM Station for Home

Submitted by ady1
ady1 (873490) writes "Offered by Ericsson, the access point supports GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications), WCDMA (Wideband Code Division Multiple Access), Wi-Fi and DSL (Digital Subscriber Line). End users would connect the access point to a broadband line and then make and receive calls with their standard GSM and WCDMA handsets in their homes. The access point would deliver better signal strength and call quality within users' homes than the standard wide area cellular network. Calls will automatically transfer between the home base station and the wider area network as users move in and out of the home."
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+ - DVD Archival on HardDisk Solutions

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Corbets writes "I'm moving abroad and would rather not cart my DVD selection around with me, especially given that my DVDs and my changer will not be compatible with those I buy in Europe anyway. I'm looking for a nice solution that allows me to rip, downsample (I don't need super high quality — without my HD screen and speaker system, why bother?) and store as much as possible. I'm familiar with Mac the Ripper, but I'm looking for suggestions from the Slashdot community for other OS X compatible solutions."

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