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Comment Not even that... (Score 1) 419 419

The real problem with Pu-238 is its source; the recovery of Pu-239 for weapons, from a Uranium fueled reactor.

You Can breed it in a high-neutron type reactor, but those are purpose built for research, and most research places won't let you breed something that has warhead-grade material as a side product. :)

I don't think there's anywhere in the EU that would admit to having those capabilities, let alone furnish material that proved it. :)

The US isn't making new material anymore, neither is Russia.

The Japanese was recycling Plutonium on some scale, before fukushima; maybe they could help.

There will have to be a Government Program to fund RTG generator research for Space; no-one else could do it.

Comment Re:To all you Obama supporters (Score 1) 165 165

I agree we had few choices there; but Obama's blackness wasn't why I voted for him. :)

Sarah Palin's votes were proportional to boob size, not intellect.

I have to admit: I Really thought he would be different.

WTF was I thinking, lol.

They're only in office because enough of us bought their BS.

Think we'll do better next time? :)

Comment Re:To all you Obama supporters (Score 5, Insightful) 165 165

It seems we already are; with no reach-around...

He ran on the proviso that all the illegal BS we were doing would be shut down. (as well as the billion-dollar-a-day wars we were fighting...)

Instead, it's way beyond what was left to him by Bush.

Now he's Asking a Secret Court to allow the Government to Break a Lawful Ruling that basically Affirmed that the Program was Unconstitutional.


Comment This was a 'Show Trial' at best... (Score 0) 82 82

This Trial was in no way fair; Secret evidence, discovery denied for obvious things...

Referring to a series of Uncharged crimes during trial and sentencing is nowhere near Constitutional.

Although, this actually IS one of the things the NSA did with all that Intel; one person will get prison time.

And they proved Tor is not secure; arguments to the contrary are just not convincing anymore.

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