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Comment: Depends... (Score 1) 138

by Grog6 (#47328393) Attached to: Former NSA Chief Warned Against Selling NSA Secrets

On how guilty the ones accusing you of treason actually are, IMHO.

Who do you think is the traitor here, Snowden?

I certainly don't think so, and neither do a bunch of other people. We all get to vote this fall. :)

I realize all the good jobs are in the Govt; around here they get handed down from generation to generation, lol.

That doesn't make me any more supportive of the whole Gestapo-ization of America; I think that's a bad thing, personally.

Comment: Re:Please (Score 1) 215

by Grog6 (#47319095) Attached to: Was <em>Watch Dogs</em> For PC Handicapped On Purpose?

Amazingly enough, this is our most popular game after all these years. :)

We play other games that don't have this fast-twitch playstyle, but nothing else is like it.

Another favorite always played on a LAN weekend, is Unreal Tournament 2003.

Zoom instagib with ~10 players and as many bots as will fit is a lot of fun. :)

Comment: Re:Please (Score 1) 215

by Grog6 (#47267519) Attached to: Was <em>Watch Dogs</em> For PC Handicapped On Purpose?

I played Q2:Ground Zero for ~6 hours on my lan last weekend; It's still the best for gameplay. :)

We do a "give all" at the start, and one per each kill you make; It keeps the game moving. :)

And I have my own skins, that I made; something not seen since UT2003.

The "Catholic Schoolgirl" bot in UT2k3 was the best programming I've seen, lol.

Comment: Re:Friends dont let Friends buy Ubisoft - Agreed (Score 2) 215

by Grog6 (#47267421) Attached to: Was <em>Watch Dogs</em> For PC Handicapped On Purpose?

I've been watching this; it looks like a cool game.

I noticed the e3 trailer was completely different than the reviews, even on good video setups.

I have learned long ago not to buy a game until you see what you're getting. :)

Now that someone has found how to restore the original graphics, seeing how Ubisoft responds will pretty much determine their future, pretty much. :) (At least for me, anyway.)

A C&D about now would really make my day, lol; I've come to hate those pricks.

Hey, my two 7970's in crossfire fixes the texture pop in Rage at high res; I bet it would run this. :)

Now to wait for the next "patch". :->

Comment: Re:More useful metrics? (Score 1) 157

This exactly.

Unless a piece of software takes advantage of the "new" features, it doesn't help.

The slow adoption of the MMX stuff is a good example; a developer I know rewrote a very complicated piece of code to take full advantage of SSE2 and multithreading, and took a 45 minute computation down to 8 minutes.

Being an old assembler guy, that really amazed me; kinda like adding a few lines of inline assembler to a C routine, and watching it go zoom.

Adding cores helps, but the FSB speed is still the main thing to speed up for performance; increasing my memory clock by 20% made a much bigger difference than cranking the core to 4.6GHz on my i7-3930k.

Cranking the clock AND running at 4.6GHz is very nice; that, and adding another 7970 card to the mix finally fixed the texture popping in Rage, lol.

Comment: It's hard to vote out the Gestapo... (Score 4, Insightful) 208

by Grog6 (#47070403) Attached to: NSA Surveillance Reform Bill Passes House 303 Votes To 121

They know everything about you; all it takes is a "gentle reminder" and this bill is turned into a termite-eaten stack of drivel.

I didn't expect any different, It just means they had enough on enough people to effectively gut it before it was passed. We really knew that already...

If it really meant anything, this bill would have contained a passage giving Snowden immunity, as long as he testifies against everyone else inside the Govt that violated the constitution with respect to their illegal activities.

"It's not illegal when the President does it!" didn't work for Nixon, it should not have worked for Bush or Obama. Everyone should be in Jail, at this point, lol.

WTF has our country become?

Comment: Shielding is a good thing. (Score 1) 123

by Grog6 (#47034913) Attached to: Radioactivity Cleanup At Hanford Nuclear Reservation, 25 Years On

There IS a good reason for burying these things in the deep earth.

Some of the radionucleides' Gammas and Neutrons are good for 10 feet of dirt for 50% absorbtion.

100 to 1000 feet is where I'd start considering storage, due to shielding. Remember, neutrons will extend the zone of radioactivity over time. :)

IDK if Yucca mountain is the best possible place to store this stuff, but based on Fukushima, where it is now is much, much worse.

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