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Comment: Re:Depleted Uranium? (Score 1) 61

by Grog6 (#47708035) Attached to: Modular Hive Homes Win Mars Base Design Competition

Yeah, this caught my eye as well. :)

How much fuel does it take to put a kg of DU on Mars? I would bet it's substantial.

Not only do you have to get it off Earth, You have to slow it down at the end of the trip, unless you want to dig it up and recast it, lol.
"Shielding Shipped Separately." :)

Not to mention the fact that a solid foot of DU won't "stop" Cosmics; I see ~4V pulses, ~1 per minute most times on systems that see a 511kev pulse at about 200mV. Dealing with that is an important part of a design, lol.

That's just the amount of energy it was able to dump in my detector after going thru a foot or so of lead; it kept going. :)

Comment: What are you running? (Score 2) 171

by Grog6 (#47569657) Attached to: Quiet Cooling With a Copper Foam Heatsink

I've been ocing processors for years now; I've never felt comfortable letting even the die temp get that hot.

I've ran a i7-920 at ~5.5G for a few seconds, it only hit 80C before it turned off. It still runs; most 920s are good for 4.3-4.6 on a good heatpipe heatsink.

I'm running a 3930k now at 4.6G; it only has issues ripping DVD's, for some reason. It won't do that over ~4.2G.

I'm using a few year old 6x 6mm heatpipes in a copper base; it even has a "Black nickel" finish, so the copper fins won't corrode.

I never run above 60C with stable clocks, usually...

Seriously, what processor will run that hot?

+ - Malaysian passenger plane reportedly shot down over Ukraine->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Russian newswire service Interfax is reporting that a Malaysian passenger plane carrying 295 people was shot down with a Buk ground-to-air missile over Ukraine near the Russian border. The Associated Press cites an adviser to Ukraine's Interior Minister as the source.

First reports are that it was mistaken for a Ukrainian AN-26."

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Comment: Depends... (Score 1) 138

by Grog6 (#47328393) Attached to: Former NSA Chief Warned Against Selling NSA Secrets

On how guilty the ones accusing you of treason actually are, IMHO.

Who do you think is the traitor here, Snowden?

I certainly don't think so, and neither do a bunch of other people. We all get to vote this fall. :)

I realize all the good jobs are in the Govt; around here they get handed down from generation to generation, lol.

That doesn't make me any more supportive of the whole Gestapo-ization of America; I think that's a bad thing, personally.

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by Grog6 (#47319095) Attached to: Was <em>Watch Dogs</em> For PC Handicapped On Purpose?

Amazingly enough, this is our most popular game after all these years. :)

We play other games that don't have this fast-twitch playstyle, but nothing else is like it.

Another favorite always played on a LAN weekend, is Unreal Tournament 2003.

Zoom instagib with ~10 players and as many bots as will fit is a lot of fun. :)

Comment: Re:Please (Score 1) 215

by Grog6 (#47267519) Attached to: Was <em>Watch Dogs</em> For PC Handicapped On Purpose?

I played Q2:Ground Zero for ~6 hours on my lan last weekend; It's still the best for gameplay. :)

We do a "give all" at the start, and one per each kill you make; It keeps the game moving. :)

And I have my own skins, that I made; something not seen since UT2003.

The "Catholic Schoolgirl" bot in UT2k3 was the best programming I've seen, lol.

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