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Comment It should work under 32 bit... (Score 3, Interesting) 148

...and will fail 64 bit versions.

I have a couple of older video capture card that won't work under 64 bit, either xp or 7.

Both work fine in 32 bit.

The only other thing I could suggest is a utility to switch the usb mode, or force a different speed.

Making a custom Linux or XP virtual session might be easier to do.
Good luck!

Comment Re:There's no doubt that... (Score 1, Funny) 1825

How about:

Free massages for all Uid's under 100k. Preferably at the Bunny Ranch.

Natalie Portman pouring hot grits down our pants. (I think she was still underage when that meme began; I have no real Idea what it means.)

Another interview with Larry Niven.

Interviews with the Goatse guy and tubgirl. (don't search either one.)

I'm sure I'm missing something...

Comment Not really a Trojan... (Score 1) 222

It actually Did the things it was supposed to do.

It didn't contain any malware.

Its downloader-claimed flaw was that it accomplished it's primary functions in such a way as to be easily noticed, which Actually Did perform the Overall Intent of the program as written by the programmer; which was to Draw the permaban for the downloader.

I would call that a Meatspace Hack, more than anything. :)

Code to overwrite all the HD boot files would have been just as easy to get them to load, lol.

The first programs were designed as logic bombs, and only were noticeable after a time period, but neither was a Trojan; they performed every task requested, and didn't corrupt anything. :)

More people should do this. :)

I gave up playing anything that wasn't invite only a long time ago over script kiddies...

Comment Re:Given a choice in the 70's (Score 1) 277

Line printers are high volume printers; 60 to 70 inches per minute, printing one character in each position on one line per 'strike'. Sounds like a Jackhammer on speed. After the sound dampening covers. This is a LOT of paper per second to stop and backup, as you might imagine. :) IIRC, trying to hold the output up to see it too fast was enough to stuff it up, cascading paper everywhere. :D These print EVeryones printjobs, in sequence. Screwing that up could seriously cost you, friend wise.

Comment Extra parts... (Score 1, Interesting) 621

That's not a geek, that's a Retard.

Extra parts do not exist; they're always there for a reason.

If you keep it long enough, you'll figure out why they were there, lol.

I had left over one large washer in a bike rebuild, only to find out far from home that it was to keep the pressed-in pins from falling out of the shifter drum/rachet assembly.

Stuck in 6th gear, off road, 20 miles from home; that's not a lesson you forget.

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