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Comment None of the people I know that Like this Show... (Score 2, Interesting) 368

,,,are Geeks.

They would like to be, but lack the essential 'hacker' mentality required to Be a Geek.

Most of them are unimaginative morons, although highly educated.

A highly educated moron is easy to achieve with modern education; they can calculate something without any understanding whatsoever.

Comment Re:Wow... (Score 1) 258

Reported yes.

Not complete and total Bullshit; ehhh, odds are low. :)

I'd say the truth in that story is more along the lines of "These people and places actually existed", than anything profound or revealing. rofl.

IMHO, Cheney is the one likely to be holding the defib paddles on someone's balls, "convincing" them to sign something, in that twosome. :)

Comment Wow... (Score 4, Funny) 258

So, Bush actually went full Gestapo, and the Justice Department and Ashcroft Backed it Down a bit?

That's fucking amazing, really. I'm sure this is Bullshit, but I'm not sure which parts, or how much.

Since Cheney isn't implicated as the originator of the Full Gestapo move, I'd be more willing to bet He's the one now trying to throw Bush under a bus for some reason.

I dunno, but, like Obama found out: You can't vote out the Gestapo.

Once they're here, it takes lives to go back.

Comment This. (Score 1) 12

The Robots you are likely to see Looking for you in the future are most likely "Peace Bots" there to help subjugate or kill you, depending on their orders.

Humans are so fallible; most people won't shoot the unarmed defenseless women and children; no prob for Bots.

AI is going to Change the World, eventually.

Comment Re:WotC Absent at Gen Con (Score 1) 210

We still play 1st ed rules; we've been playing since the box sets, and see no reason to change. And Gamma world, for the Tech stuff. (White Plume Mountain was first, iirc)

We have modified some things over the years as too powerful. :)

Our last gig had our Gang on my world's version of a space shuttle, when Vecna found them.

Someone made an incredible roll; and they instead of being; oh whatever Vecna would do to you for totally killing all his enemies, and destroying his skull citadel, with said peeps inside, they ended up in the Deity Witness Relocation Program, as Drow Elves, chained to a wall upside down. Naked.

They're in Strad's basement, just now. :)

At our age, we only play a game every few years, but they're good. :D