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Comment Re:WotC Absent at Gen Con (Score 1) 210

We still play 1st ed rules; we've been playing since the box sets, and see no reason to change. And Gamma world, for the Tech stuff. (White Plume Mountain was first, iirc)

We have modified some things over the years as too powerful. :)

Our last gig had our Gang on my world's version of a space shuttle, when Vecna found them.

Someone made an incredible roll; and they instead of being; oh whatever Vecna would do to you for totally killing all his enemies, and destroying his skull citadel, with said peeps inside, they ended up in the Deity Witness Relocation Program, as Drow Elves, chained to a wall upside down. Naked.

They're in Strad's basement, just now. :)

At our age, we only play a game every few years, but they're good. :D

Comment Not even that... (Score 1) 419

The real problem with Pu-238 is its source; the recovery of Pu-239 for weapons, from a Uranium fueled reactor.

You Can breed it in a high-neutron type reactor, but those are purpose built for research, and most research places won't let you breed something that has warhead-grade material as a side product. :)

I don't think there's anywhere in the EU that would admit to having those capabilities, let alone furnish material that proved it. :)

The US isn't making new material anymore, neither is Russia.

The Japanese was recycling Plutonium on some scale, before fukushima; maybe they could help.

There will have to be a Government Program to fund RTG generator research for Space; no-one else could do it.

Comment Re:To all you Obama supporters (Score 1) 165

I agree we had few choices there; but Obama's blackness wasn't why I voted for him. :)

Sarah Palin's votes were proportional to boob size, not intellect.

I have to admit: I Really thought he would be different.

WTF was I thinking, lol.

They're only in office because enough of us bought their BS.

Think we'll do better next time? :)

Comment Re:To all you Obama supporters (Score 5, Insightful) 165

It seems we already are; with no reach-around...

He ran on the proviso that all the illegal BS we were doing would be shut down. (as well as the billion-dollar-a-day wars we were fighting...)

Instead, it's way beyond what was left to him by Bush.

Now he's Asking a Secret Court to allow the Government to Break a Lawful Ruling that basically Affirmed that the Program was Unconstitutional.


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