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Comment Already been done... (Score 1) 156

You might want to check this out at the patent office first, there was a device I remember from the late 70's, early 80's very similar to the "Clapper" called "The Whistle Switch" that did exactly the same thing.

You plugged it in the outlet then plugged whatever appliance (typically a lamp) you wanted to turn on or off. It came with a little whistle that had a squeeze bulb on it that you would produce a high pitched whistle and toggle the device on and off.

You could also reproduce tone whistling with your mouth. Here is a vintage site that has one.

Submission + - Elsevier and O'Reilly ->

An anonymous reader writes: Just received the following PR release in my inbox: Elsevier and O'Reilly Media Sign New Ebook Distribution Deal . Curious to see how slashdotters react to this news given their recent discussions about Elsevier...
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Comment Re:Mommy... (Score 1) 1435

I wonder if any of the guard's they hired are on the list they published.

If they wanted to practice what they preach, why not get only government guards, i.e. law enforcement to protect them?

Whats a matter, doesn't law enforcement protect you at all times?

No, law enforcement is not there to protect you, they are there to clean up the mess and write up the reports.
"When seconds count, the cops are minutes away."

Comment Re:OH - Columbus (Score 1) 821

Same here. Voted in Westerville(Suburb of Columbus) Arrived at 6:00AM at least 100 people already in line. Polls opened a 6:30AM and at that point there had to be at least 300-400 in line. I got though in about 15 minutes and the line was moving very smoothly. Glad I didn't show up any later!

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