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Comment: Re:Does this mean.... (Score 1) 211

by GreenSeven (#34837572) Attached to: Google ReCAPTCHA Cracked
As a matter of fact, I would sit and verify user accounts all day for whatever money it made me, if it meant that people creating accounts on my site were actually interested in my content and not just there to post some kind of inflammatory remark and never come back. And there are all kinds of different ways to verify accounts. Craigslist verifies accounts with a phone call. Another reader said his wife has the user requesting an account send her some information about a location in their area that only a person living there would know. Of course these are just examples but there could be all kinds of different solutions depending on the content of your site. Of course making users jump through hoops to create accounts is unnecessary, but sometimes the quick fix isn't the answer either...

Comment: Difference From Katrina... (Score 4, Interesting) 214

by GreenSeven (#34835386) Attached to: Aussie City Braces For Worst Flood In 118 Years
I was stationed in Biloxi, MS during Katrina and the comm there was terrible. Of course the first thing to go were the phone switches, which made everyone else panic... Funny thing is we had internet the whole time. I think today with the advances in smartphones, the lack of a phone wouldn't have been a huge issue if we could have kept a wi-fi signal up. Good thinking from the Aussies...

Comment: Fighting A Losing Battle (Score 1) 304

by GreenSeven (#34835338) Attached to: Book Piracy — Less DRM, More Data
Look at sites like Their content is 100% DRM free, but is sold as a subscription based service. I recently heard an interview with Geoffrey Grosenbach, the owner of, and he said pirating isn't a huge issue Of course some of his material is pirated but he says that if people steal the content, and like it, they're more likely to come subscribe to his service. At worst, it's free advertising...

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