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Comment Easy solution: $1 per IP per year (Score 1) 307

This a non-problem. Just charge a dollar per IP per year. Watch the IP blocks be returned quickly.

With so many addresses in use, the money should accumulate quickly. Pretty soon, there will be enough money to design a new IPV6NG that can actually work (as opposed to IPV6 does cannot be deployed).

For people who think IPV6 is the solution - it is an empirically observed fact that IPV6 has not been successfully deployed in any scale in several generations technology.

Comment This is a big LOST, not a win (Score 1) 243

The Bad Guys (that is, the record labels acting through the government) shut down the site for a year. This is a WIN for the bad guys no matter how you look at it. Why are people celebrating? Heck, the lawyer can't even be sure of getting notices of extensions??? What kind of banana republic is this? If they (the Bad Guys, see above) can do this at will, and it increasingly looks like they will be buying the laws they want, then USA has a whole new kind of copyright that is completely different from any old ideas of rights and fair use. Enough lobbying money having been spent - Let the era of CopyWrong begin.

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