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Comment: I'm fine with this (Score 2) 510

by Grapplebeam (#35693774) Attached to: Google's Driverless Car and the Logic of Safety
Until it becomes mandated and I can't drive. I enjoy driving. I also understand most people would take the alternative to having to do it themselves if given the chance. Which is good, because a lot of them suck at driving. Of course, I'll die, and this generation will be fine with it because they grew up with it.

Comment: Re:As an example (Score 1) 433

by Grapplebeam (#35488772) Attached to: Blogger Fined $60K For Telling the Truth
What? That's how the current system works. Why do you think we have so many repeat offenders? It's because the prison industry is built to bring those people right back in. So people being marked for life because of an earlier crime happens all the time. And I thought you still had to mention you were once a criminal on your resume even if you were declared innocent later. So yes, bringing up the past is standard practice.

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