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Comment Composting != Rotting (Score 1) 197

Composting is an aerobic decomposition process that generates enough heat to kill all pathogenic bacteria. Read any good book about composting (or even a decent pamphlet) and that is the most important thing you will learn. So, by definition, composting human remains leaves no viable pathogens. Bodies dug up in cemeteries are unsanitary because they decomposed anaerobically, at low temperatures. It is almost as if cemeteries were designed to be unsafe.

It never ceases to amaze me, just how well-rounded Slashdotters, in general, are not. Push back from your computers and go do something outside every once in a while. Grow a garden. Build a shed. Clean a stream. Something.

Comment EPUB3 ... except (Score 1) 148

The EPUB3 format is just HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, some metadata, and a couple other things I can't remember right now, all packaged up in a .ZIP file with a different file name extension. The spec literally allows ANYTHING you can do on a web site.

Except, no current EPUB readers will handle anything much more than just displaying the text, let alone any kind of persistence. You can do all that you want, and much more. But no one will see it. It's as if the HTML5 standard had been released but the only browser available was the first version of Mozilla. Why no one has updated their EPUB readers is beyond me.

So, given that, your only options right now seem to be what others have suggested: build an app or a website. {Well, you could also release the HTLM, etc. as a downloadable collection of files, in a .ZIP file. But, sadly, very few people would bother to or have the wherewithal to actually download that and put it on their machine correctly.} Perhaps you could build the website with all your interractivity, use almost the same code to build the EPUB3 document, let people read the EPUB3 while offline and then go to the web site for the interactive bits. Then wait for EPUB3 readers to catch up.

Comment Which is better? (Score 1) 35

One big, supposedly hard target, or millions of definitely soft targets?

A) The hard target only has to be breached once for the concept to be abandoned.

B) So Lessig is shilling for the NSA now? Putting ALL of EVERYONE'S info on one system is NOT a wise move, if we have any hope of protecting our privacy.

Comment Sue insecure sites. (Score 3, Interesting) 95

What we need is a business model for law firms to profit from suing insecure sites just as the music industry has law firms that support themselves entirely from suing copyright infringers. Said law firms would solicit for "expert witnesses" to provide information as to which sites may be insecure. The law firm then does research (through legal means) to find enough people, who have information on the site, to constitute a class action lawsuit. They file the suit and pay their expert witnesses a fee for their testimony. No one can retaliate against the expert witness because that would be witness tampering. The expert witness would be working on behalf of the plaintiffs rather than working independently.

Comment Re: Advogato (Score 1) 100

SWEET!!! This is exactly the kind of reference I was hoping to receive. All the trolls were worth this one reference. This site, and the project members themselves, will be a vast goldmine of information and potential collaboration. I don't know if I ever would have come across this on my own.

Thank you so much.

Comment Re: This is the problem I am trying to solve: (Score 1) 100

I will definitely look into your system. The only part I don't like is being able to buy influence. But earning influence/karma in one place and spending it in another is an interesting idea. Though it does introduce the possibility af "karma mills" where a site is created just to allow people to easily build karma or to sell karma on the black market.

I think the karma should always be earned.

Comment Re: You mean to tell me (Score 1) 100

Well, I can stand on the shoulders of giants. Or I can stand on the shoulders of two dozen trolls. What I'm doing here is trying to stand with one foot on the giants and one foot on the trolls. It'll be a precarious balance, I know. But I believe in Science, rather than Academia. I believe the best ideas can come from anywhere and everywhere. So, if I have to consort with trolls to stand with giants, so be it.

(I know. That sounds insanely egotistical. If I am ultimately successful, it will be a profound quote. If I fail, well, no one will give a shit. Besides, it just sounded so damn good in my head.)

Comment Re:Response From OP. (Score 1) 100

Yes, I need to read a lot more Clay Shirky. Though he does have his failings. I feel he tends to focus on the rhetoric espoused by the creators of a site rather than the actual mechanisms involved. He will talk about the rhetoric espoused by Site A and the results obtained, and then compare that to the rhetoric espoused by Site B and the results obtained. If on the internet no one knows if you are a dog, then it is even more true that on the internet no one cares about your rhetoric (at least in this context). All that matters is the mechanisms in play on the web site. If said mechanisms allow for or encourage trolling, as do sites like Slashdot and Reddit, then trolling you will get.

Comment DICE edited my headline. (Score 2) 100

I would like to point out that DICE edited my headline, which was originally, "Reputation Engine - Best Practices for Information-Based Site?" The existing headline makes it appear as if I am trying to use the reputation engine to rate the actual information. Instead, I merely want the reputation engine to cut down on the number of jerks on the site and reduce the influence of trolls, bots, and crusading armies. Once that is accomplished, I trust the "good" contributors to provide good and relatively accurate content by working together and collaborating. I do not expect any reputation engine to get to some ethereal "Truth."

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