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Comment Re: Twitter-its (Score 1) 140 140

All of this depends on if the original creator of the joke is the person who originally tweeted it. On Twitter, there is an implied, if not explicitly stated, permission to re-use and recombine tweets. However, if the creator of the joke did not tweet it, then those who do tweet it may be violating copyright. Yes, everything you create is copyrighted as soon as you record it in some way. If others use that without your permission, either explicit or implied, then they are violating your copyright. Just because Twitter is based on copying doesn't mean it is inappropriate for them to protect the copyrights of works placed in their system by people other than the original creator.

Really, the simplistic view of the world taken by supposedly smart people on this site never fails to astound me.

Comment Re: So what? (Score 1) 460 460

I get almost all my slacks and dress-casual shirts at the Goodwill, or other thrift, store. I often find things that look as good as new for $2 - $5. Because the slacks are usually in better shape than the jeans in thrift stores, it is actually cheaper for me to wear dress casual.

Comment Oh yes, it's troubling. Troubling... (Score 1) 305 305

We're going to have to do something about that... ... Someday.

Oh look, another financial crisis. No a terrorist threat! That's it, a terrorist threat. Yeah, yeah, a terrorist.

Pay no attention to the billionair behind the curtain. Or the H1-B sitting in your chair.

Comment Re: Potholes? (Score 0) 183 183

Yes, and a human being CANNOT survive going over 20 mph and buggy whips are going to be in high demand forever. Besides, you can't get that nasty black stuff out of the ground without digging up half the countryside.

I can think of at least two methods to remove plastic from the oceans and I haven't even tried very hard. Someone will find a way.

Comment Resale value (Score 1) 688 688

Let's say I buy an electric car and drive it for five years. By then, it will be about time to replace the batteries. Buying a new set of batteries would cost about as much as I could get for a five year old car. So, I would get almost nothing on the resale. Or I could try to sell it with the old batteries for almost nothing and the new owner would have to get a new set installed.

Unless the car comes with a voucher for a brand new set of batteries and installation, that I can redeem before I sell the thing, it just looks like a pose-lose proposition for me.

If all else fails, lower your standards.