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Comment Re: Involuntary analog emissions (Score 1) 41

Of course the app got booted off the Apple app store because Apple wants to be the ones to decide when you have analog emissions.

Next year Google will make it an unremoveable bloatware app because they want to track ALL of your analog emissions, scheduled or not.

Next month, researchers will discover that Microsoft has been tracking our analog emissions all along.

And, to come full circle, DARPA will start working on a way to remotely sniff the air in a room to determine if the occupants have been eating traditional terrorist cuisine (whatever the F that is). However, after spending billions on contracts, it will be easily obfuscated just by keeping a couple of old dogs in the room.

Comment Easy to obfuscate (Score 1) 41

This just seems like a battle destined to be lost. Sure, given enough analysis, one could decipher the meaning of the analog emissions coming from a normal device. However, long before that technology ever produces real, useful results, anyone will be able to easily obfuscate said analog emissions with some other device sitting near the subject device. Essentially, an electromagnetic white noise device that also records ambient EM and incorporates random bits of that into its own emissions. Do the same with audio, the EM going back out over the electrical connection, and even the light in the room, and you have created your own, personal, surveillance cloaking device. To the user in the room, it will be barely noticeable over the normal sound of their computer fan and normal fluctuations of light in the room. But it will be enough to make detecting and deciphering the original emissions impossible.

This sounds more like a sweet contract deal for someone's brother-in-law.

Comment Re: Goodbye yellowbrook road (Score 1) 288

In about 1994 I tore a picture of Bill Gates out of a magazine and stuck it to my cubicle well with red thumbtacks, right in the eyeballs. That should tell you what I think of him and Microsoft.

However, I still use Windows because there is certain software that just isn't available for Linux and I can't stand using a Mac. I have only been able to "survive" because I used to be a network manager. Now I am seriously considering switching to Linux for my "daily driver" and using Windows in a very controlled and isolated virtual machine for all the stuff I use that only runs on Windows.

Comment Update Resume - Move On (Score 1) 158

If the powers that be allowed such a situation to exist, and didn't specifically hire you to change it, along with a guaranteed budget with which to accomplish the task, then it will be almost impossible for you to fix it. The fact that they essentially lied to you about your role does not bode well.

If this is a resume building job for you then dink around the edges on things that won't require much, or any, money or many changes to the status quo. Make big talk about how you are improving things. Take every opportunity to educate YOURSELF on things you can use later in your career. Put in your year, then move on. It doesn't matter what you ACTUALLY accomplish in an environment like that. Only what you can spin things in to for your resume. Cynical, I know, but you gotta think about yourself first. This is a dead end job.

Comment I, for one, welcome our... (Score 1) 165

new, plastic propellered, human dependent, man toy, overlords.

(Every /. summary about AI or robots should have an automatic first post with this subject line. Then we could compete to fill in the funniest description. That would really make /. fun again. I know somebody has gotta be able to come up with something better than my lame attempt.)

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