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by Gramie2 (#47613373) Attached to: Big Bang Actors To Earn $1M Per Episode

I have a friend whose adult daughter committed suicide a couple of years ago. My friend, after seeing her daughter struggle with mental illness for years, believes in assisted suicide as a compassionate solution for some people even if they do not have physical pain.

It's hard for me to agree with this, but I also haven't lived through what she has.

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by Gramie2 (#47465963) Attached to: Marvel's New Thor Will Be a Woman
Well, this new character isn't actually Thor either, no matter what they may say. I expect that they will do a short run with a woman and return to the original Thor, because it's all about business and they don't want to confuse potential customers who like the movies (or the actual Norse mythology). This is just one of the regular "everything has changed" publicity stunts that they pull every few years because they don't have any real character development. Remember the death of Superman? Of Captain America? It's about the same level as when Dallas (the original series) said, "the whole last season was just a dream".

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If you really are interested, you could check out Basic4Android. No, it's not free, but it is very reasonably priced (starting at $60, and you can usually find coupons online to lower the price even more). It makes Android apps possible for the average programmer. There is a superb community growing around it, too, and the main developer of B4A answers many of the questions himself.

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It is simple. It's just hard, and people don't want to do things that are hard.

My ex was/is obese, and all the chocolate bar wrappers I found in her car, and empty ice cream containers I found in her house, may have had something to do with it. Now she's an a meal-replacement diet and has lost over 20 lbs. in about four months. No, it's not easy, but I respect and support her for taking control of her health.

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You are right that some military personnel would presumably join the revolution. What are the odds that they would bring with them all the infrastructure (fuel, personnel, maintenance equipment and parts) needed to keep those A-10 Warthogs, F-18s, secure communications networks, satellite sensing systems and other high-tech machinery running as you fight the people who own the skies, seas, and telcos?

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Here's the thing: the State has weapons that could reduce you, your house, your neighbourhood, or your city to a smoking ruin. They have people (stronger, faster, and more capable than you), who train daily to kill in the most effective ways, with weapons and equipment that are simply unavailable to you. If they were to take you seriously as a threat, they could locate you in seconds and put a drone through the nearest window.

So owning your very own semi-automatic, or even fully-automatic small arms is completely pointless except, at the very best, to let your corpse serve as a witness to the rest of the world that your State kills its own. Armed resistance can not overcome the enormous imbalance of power that modern states possess.

Resistance is not futile, but armed resistance is. The most effective counter to government encroachment is not to be found in the Cliven Bundys of this world.

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