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Comment Artificial superintelligence (Score 2) 269

I recently read that a fairly large swath of top AI researchers were polled about when we may be likely to see human- and superhuman level artificial intelligence. The median was around 2060. It seems to me that once computers are perhaps millions of times smarter than we are, seemingly insurmountable problems such as this one will be rapidly solved. When that happens I question whether humanity will even remain biological as there are clearly disadvantages to this format.

Comment Solution (Score 1) 258

Imagine a simple device similar in appearance to a calculator. For registration, voter verifies his identity to a human, selects a random one of these devices from a box, places it into a writing machine. Voter selects a PIN, enters this into the machine. Machine permanently burns random private key to the device and saves public key and PIN encrypted with private key.

To vote, website displays a random number. User enters this into device along with voting selection and PIN. Device displays hash of encrypted hash of these values. User enters displayed number into website. Website saves originally displayed number plus user-returned result. To verify, same process except website can indicate whether user-returned number match last entry.

If coerced, use a wrong PIN. It will still verify but will not be counted.

Something like that.

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