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Comment Re: Keyboard (Score 1) 216

My second biggest annoyance with the keyboard this... ...my biggest stems from my being in the UK - Apple obviously never tried entering a UK post code...

switch to number pad - no long press on the top row that I know of
switch back to number pad - because it's assumed you want a letter next

My job (partly) involves testing mobile apps - so I have to go through the registration process a lot... utter pain in the proverbials...

Comment Re:Cost (Score 1) 184

"plus our allies are buying a whole bunch"

And in the meantime we in the UK won't have an aircraft carrier worth the name for the best part of a decade...

We have the boats... just not the planes (I assume the recent grounding will put back delivery another year or two)

Should have stuck with the Harrier...

Comment Re:It was pretty cool in its day (Score 1) 192


Read this part again: "For commercial-level code... fair enough" - I agree with you entirely on that score.

I wasn't talking about that though - the whole point of demos WAS to use as many tricks as possible, to show off to your mates (and the wider world) for a few weeks, until the next bare-metal coder found a way to do something that blew yours away... If it ran on one specific variant only - so be it.

As long as we're going to reinvent the wheel again, we might as well try making it round this time. - Mike Dennison