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Comment: Re:It was pretty cool in its day (Score 1) 192

by Goose In Orbit (#47518129) Attached to: The Almost Forgotten Story of the Amiga 2000


Read this part again: "For commercial-level code... fair enough" - I agree with you entirely on that score.

I wasn't talking about that though - the whole point of demos WAS to use as many tricks as possible, to show off to your mates (and the wider world) for a few weeks, until the next bare-metal coder found a way to do something that blew yours away... If it ran on one specific variant only - so be it.

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by Goose In Orbit (#46927321) Attached to: Did the Ignition Key Just Die?

Out of interest - how far away does the proximity detector kick in?

There's an episode of Top Gear where Clarkson drove Hammond's vehicle away while it was parked, and the key was in Hammond's pocket (he was inside a diner at the time as I recall). The car got 100 feet or so before the system realised that the key was no longer nearby and shut off the engine.

If that's typical then the potential for theft is huge - by simply driving the car onto a tow truck before the system locks it down.

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