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Comment: Re:that's my fantasy, too (Score 1) 815

by Goner (#43107125) Attached to: Gnome Founder Miguel de Icaza Moves To Mac

I'm just wondering, what's the use case of Ableton for multiple users?

I actually got Live 8 working surprisingly well under wine but far from really usable.

I replace my old macbook pro with a macbook air + live 8 suite (upped to 9 yesterday) because it simply the better experience for ableton and sound apps in general. For example KXStudio is awesome and I use it, but many of the best Linux sound apps get ported to OS X anyway.

But, "just working" is relative, imho. GNOME hasn't just worked... ever.

Comment: Re:Familial Testing Was ONLY Part 1 (Score 1) 258

by Goner (#32880202) Attached to: Familial DNA Testing Nabs Alleged Serial Killer

It was good policework, and prior to that good reportage by one LA Weekly reporter that caught this guy. The high tech nature was used properly I believe. I'd rather see this sort of thing exonerate people than convict them, but given that in 1988 an 18 year old was found dead 10 blocks south of where I live... 99.99% chance killed by this guy... I'm glad he's off the streets.

Comment: Has a de facto standard ever lost? (Score 2, Interesting) 400

by Goner (#31041648) Attached to: Oh, What a Lovely Standards War

By virtue of the de facto status, it seems like anything that the majority of people use will never be superceded by anything that barely matches or only slightly improves on the de facto standard. From what I've read Theora is quite bare-bones compared to H.264 and hasn't been designed with hardware decoding in mind.

Computers can figure out all kinds of problems, except the things in the world that just don't add up.