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Submitted by mjhuot
mjhuot writes: Many of us love working in open source software, but few of us have figured out how to do it full time or to make a career out of it. At this weekend's Southern California Linux Expo, keynote speaker Tarus Balog presented an inspiring talk on how he has been able to create a successful services company supporting the open source network management application platform OpenNMS. If you were unable to make the conference, the talk is available online and is worth checking out.
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Comment: No savings, big time sink (Score 1) 1137

by Golden_Eternity (#27878105) Attached to: Your Commuting Costs By Car Vs. Train?

I live in LA. I spend as much in gas as I would on a montly metrolink pass. Also my 3 hour daily commute would go up to around 6 hours.

Not to mention needing to wait for my roommate to come pick me up 2-3 times a week after work holds me late and I miss my bus/train.

I'd be happy to take public transit if it saved me anything.

Comment: Re:It Is Rated R! #6 for Opening Weekend! (Score 1) 448

by Golden_Eternity (#27697225) Attached to: Watchmen 50 Days On, Was It Worth the Gamble?

I know a lot of people who refuse to see movies in the theater anymore, just cause of how bad it is to deal with rude audience members; especially for a movie like Watchmen that we actually care about. I'll be buying the DVD to show my support, but I won't punish myself with another 2 hours of text messaging teens and crying babies.

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