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Comment Re:What are these words? (Score 1) 666

Yep, sorry, meant the Civil Rights Act. I mentioned nothing about wanting one party over another. The point I was _trying_ to make is that anyone who really pulls for one party over the other is an ignorant jackass. It is much easier, and honest, to be against one or both. For what it's worth, LBJ did say upon signing the Civil Rights Act that the Democrats had effectively lost the South. And you know what? He was right. The Dems who fought the Act were correct politically. Totally wrong morally. If you think that I came across as pro Democrat, man did I fuck up.

Comment Re:What are these words? (Score 1) 666

Jesus fucking christ. Democrats and Republicans meant totally different things back then. Democrats were big business, the South, etc.. Shortly after the above, the Democratic Party split, with the conservative Democrats hooking up with the conservative Republicans and forming pretty much what the Republican party is today. You know the one that fought the Civil Rights Amendment? Talk about not knowing history, you sound like some fucking Tea Bagger.

To try to blame stuff on a particular party from 100+ years ago is just wrong. Neither party means what it did back then. Did you know that Conservative Christians and Progressives worked together to pass Prohibition? Interesting, but not really relevant to current debate.

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