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Comment: Re:Must be some AFL-CIO people .. (Score 2) 295

by GodHand (#38083210) Attached to: AFL-CIO and Big Content Advocate For SOPA

Indeed, try using google to crack open any one of the national labor relations websites, and you'll find that your union DUES money CAN'T be used in any way whatsoever for political action without your knowledge and consent TO BEGIN WITH. Only money from separate donations can be used by a union for political action. As much whining and drinking the kool-aid as was represented above about "the union doesn't want you to know about and they'll attack you for getting out", I don't know what Al Capone fantasy world you live in about people breaking legs in unions but that doesn't even remotely represent what happens today.

And just for side references on how I know? I'm a member, union steward, and I am a chairman on the financial committee for a Communications Workers of America Local.

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