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Comment: Re:The Children? (Score 1) 590

by Goblez (#27362323) Attached to: ACLU Sues Penn Prosecutor For Empty Threat of Child Porn
Or we could let the parents handle it themselves, and give them their right to make a correct or incorrect decision. But no, that's not the current fad, we need some nanny/big brother to step in and do it for us. On the upside, perhaps the children will come to realize that even their parent's aren't allowed choice either. A good (yet hard) lesson to learn young.

Comment: Re:Who Chooses? (Score 5, Insightful) 528

by Goblez (#25486341) Attached to: First Mars-Goers Should Prepare For a One-Way Trip

The settlers were people who were so fed up with the way their government was run that they would risk everything they had to escape it.

Where do I sign up? Get to go to another planet (boyhood dream) AND get away from the three centuries of built up corruption? Deal.

Side note: Why do you think people in the past have chosen to leave over fixing what is wrong with their governments? Is it due to the vast number of entrenched bureaucrats that are satisfied to maintain the system that they think benefits them? Or that people in power have a habit of maintaining that power? Is it that the only other good alternative is Revolution?

Malaysia Decides Not To Force Bloggers To Register->

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Following last week's news of a proposal in Malaysia to force bloggers to register with the government, it appears that common sense has won out. There were clearly some politicians who recognized registering bloggers wasn't a very good idea (and was merely a kneejerk reaction to some trouble some politicians had had with critical bloggers). So it's good to see that those politicians effectively got that point across and the plan to force bloggers to register has been rejected. The government still warned bloggers not to publish "rumors" or "offensive remarks" because existing laws will be used against them -- but said that forcing them to actually register was unlikely to be an effective tool.
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Hardware Hacking

Journal: Default Passwords For All Devices

Journal by Asemunu
Working with passworded devices can be quite challenging when when their passwords are not known. But in such cases reseting the device to its default setting is a way forward but when the default password is not known, then you are still stranded.

The 2006 Engadget Awards: Vote for Laptop of the Year->

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Now's your chance to cast your ballot for the 2006 ! Our Engadget Awards nominees are listed below, and you've got until 11.59PM EST on Sunday, April 15th to file your vote. You can only vote once, so make it count, and may the best tech win! The nominees: Apple MacBook Pro, Apple MacBook, Asus G1, Dell XPS M1710, HP Pavilion DV6000, Lenovo ThinkPad X60, and Sony VAIO SZ.

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Top Ten Things Overheard At The ANSI C Draft Committee Meetings: (2) Thank you for your generous donation, Mr. Wirth.