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Comment Re:The negativity surrounding KickStarter (Score 1) 100

Sorry, but that wont be possible. From the faq: "Kickstarter is for projects that can be completed, not things that require maintenance to exist. This means no e-commerce sites, web businesses, or social networking sites. (Yes, this means Kickstarter wouldn’t be allowed on Kickstarter. Funny, but true.)"

Comment Re:Pretty good bundle (Score 1) 145

I have'nt tried Sword&sworcery yet, but all the other games in this pack are among the best indie games out there. Psychonauts is one of my favorite games ever, Limbo and Amnesia are great horror titles and bastion is a hack-n-slash game with a good story and a narrator that discusses everything you do while you do it, which is quite funny.

Comment Re:Unable to read replys (Score 1) 2254

This is my single biggest complaint too. Is there a way I can always expand a comment without going to a new page? The last few months, it has seemed random whether or not this is possible on a story to story basis. Very frustating. Is this a bug?
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Comment Re:The cost of bandwidth (Score 2, Interesting) 281

Last I checked, Canada was not a state of the US. Am from Sweden too, unlimited 100/100+tv+phone+mobile internet for 45$ :)

15GB limit? Thats like what, a few hours of HQ youtube? Am using upwards of a TB a month, and would be really sad if they had placed any kind of cap.

Comment Re:PC gaming never went away. (Score 1) 495

Of course Steam is the biggest seller of games online, but I doubt they have sold more games in a week then other retailers in a whole half year if you include ordinary stores. It seem they dont release sold units numbers, so it may be hard to compare. Do anyone know how large they are compared to other retailers?

Comment Re:Arguing with the Internet (Score 1) 278

Exactly. Good streaming options is the only thing making me not just downloading the music, because good streaming options are not yet available for pirates. If utorrent or similar gains streaming abilitys and can linkify the content and information about the music/movies, as it is in spotify, it will bypass their block on legal streaming. And if these companies dont have any similar good streaming options before that happens, I think they will lose out on alot of this market and have a hard time regaining it.

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