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Comment Re:Remove casing from a Wallmart clock - get invit (Score 1) 621

I also initially thought about how dumb his achievement was, but we also have to re-calibrate to what a 13 year old is capable of. If I, an 25 year old engineer, took a digital clockwork apart, put it in a metal box, and tied it with wire it's obviously a non-accomplishment. But a 13 year old might think it was cool.

Comment Civil Disobedience (Score 2) 608

"Challenge it, " He did.
"Speak out," He did.
"Engage in a constructive act of protest," He engaged in protest, by whistleblowing, but I guess it doesn't count due to their qualification of "constructive", just like our president's explanation that he's not opposed to wars, just "dumb wars".
"and — importantly — accept the consequences of his actions." Isn't whistle blowing legally protected from retaliation?

Submission + - House of Representatives Pass H.R.1422 - EPA Science Advisory Board Reform Act

GoCrazy writes: The House of Representatives today passed the H.R.1422 — EPA Science Advisory Board Reform Act of 2014. The bill's summary is as follows:

"EPA Science Advisory Board Reform Act of 2013 — Amends the Environmental Research, Development, and Demonstration Authorization Act of 1978 to revise the process of selecting members of the Science Advisory Board, guidelines for participation in Board advisory activities, and terms of office. (The Board provides scientific advice to the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency [EPA].) Prohibits federally registered lobbyists from being appointed to the Board.

Revises the procedures for providing advice and comments to the Administrator by: (1) including risk or hazard assessments in the regulatory proposals and documents made available to the Board, and (2) requiring advice and comments to be included in the record regarding any such proposal and published in the Federal Register.

Revises the operation of Board member committees and investigative panels to: (1) require that they operate in accordance with the membership, participation, and policy requirements (including new requirements for public participation in advisory activities of the Board) contained in this Act; (2) deny them authority to make decisions on behalf of the Board; and (3) prohibit direct reporting to EPA.

Adds guidelines for the conduct of Board advisory activities, including concerning: (1) avoidance of making policy determinations or recommendations, (2) communication of uncertainties, (3) dissenting members' views, and (4) periodic reviews to ensure that such activities address the most important scientific issues affecting EPA."

The bill also requires SAB members to disclose financial relationships and interests (Sec. 2a-3D), relevant professional works (Sec. 2a-4), and that all materials used in SAB advisories to the EPA be also released to the public (Sec. 2e).

Comment Space (Score 2) 40

You've probably heard about NASA's potential exploration of planetary bodies with water (yes! real water!) such as Europa, which is known to have solid ice water on the surface, but possible liquid water beneath. Would you consider moving your expertise on oceanography to more space based programs, with the possibility that your discoveries on Earth could be the same on these other planets?

Submission + - 2014 Nobel Peace Prize Awarded To Kailash Satyarthi and Malala Yousafzay ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: This year's Nobel Peace Prize has been given to Kailash Satyarthi and Malala Yousafzay for fighting to protect the rights of children and further their education. Yousafzay, at the age of 17, is the youngest recipient of the Peace Prize. She's a teenager from Pakistan who campaigned for girls' rights to education. In 2012, the Taliban shot her in the head, but she survived and continued her struggle. Satyarthi, a 60-year-old from India, has led many peaceful protests to fight against child slavery and illiteracy. "Satyarthi estimates that 60 million children in India, or 6 percent of the population, are forced into work. This, he believes, has nothing to do with parental poverty, illiteracy or ignorance. Above all, children are enslaved because employers benefit by getting their labour for free or for a pittance." This year's Nobel Peace Prize awards are also notable for bringing together an Indian and a Pakistani while their respective governments sustain a military conflict along a stretch of border between their countries.

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