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Comment: ever heard of emanate domain? (Score 1) 495 495

emanate domain, sometimes also called condemnation - is what government uses to do the same thing and almost always now to give to another company "for the greater good". Ever been forced to allow an easement, usually for some cabling or piping company to make a profit through your land? We've had land taken around here for a city owned bike trail and at least one of the property owners was not contacted before they took his land and built the trail without his knowledge - condemnation later took care of that problem when he didn't want to sell them what they already took.

Comment: Servers are for applications... (Score 3, Insightful) 294 294

I've been an admin for a very long time. What I see is a lot of admins think the OS is the most important and fail to understand why the server even exists in the first place. If you patch simply because it was made available, you don't test or know what the application the server is hosting does at all, then are you really doing what is best? Yes, patches break things and often the patch "fixes" something that was low or no risk inside the corporate network to begin with. Too many admins fail to balance the risks with application uptime. ...and that's why you end up with a CAB - to keep everyone informed, to balance risk and to account for audit controls. These usually pop up after too many system outages or lack of information sharing. Admins have a bad habit of being too smart and too busy to keep others informed. I have worked with a lot of CAB's in many companies and the best way to work with them is to be proactive in keeping them informed and to build a trust relationship in advance.

Comment: Police already doing this... (Score 1) 152 152

I caught an unmarked "police" car methodically casing our office complex parking lot. I happed to walk right by as he entered a dead end area of our parking lot. He had a laptop and there were four rectangle boxes mounted on the trunk with lenses pointing outward. Our security group confirmed from videos that they cased our lot as well as nearby businesses. So, at what point is this trespassing? We didn't invite law enforcement on to our lot to collect data. We now know it was the local police department and they've since added these readers to several marked vehicles and have stationed them alongside roadways collecting data. They've recently been sued over refusal to release information under state sunshine laws but I doubt that will stop them. We now have several police departments in the metro area using this. What next? Will they be installed on stop lights right next to the red light cameras?

Comment: Re:WW2 machiny and WW2 units of measurement (Score 1) 150 150

Its a US story about a US installation. Why convert that to kilos? Should we also convert every US story that uses Dollars to some other currency? What else is too offensive for you that would need to be converted? Why not just use google to do the conversion for you if it bothers you that much.

Comment: Re:The correct way to "inform the authority" (Score 2) 287 287

I don't get it. None of your options speak of integrity. People can complain about the downfall of society all they want but if we promote ideas that contain little integrity then we add to the problem. You shouldn't expect others to respond with integrity if you don't use it yourself.

Comment: Re:Nope (Score 1) 259 259

Yes, at least in the state I grew up in you could only get an absentee ballot if you had no other way to make it to the poll on election day. They also didn't count the absentee ballots unless there was a close race. Now you can get "early voting" for no more than just asking and it's counted. They now open up polling locations weeks early to vote in person if you like. All of this is a terrible idea in my opinion.

Comment: Re:Nope (Score 1) 259 259

I'm with you on this. I'll also add that I want people to put some effort into voting. It shouldn't be so easy that it's just as casual as loading up Farmville or whatever. I also do not like fully electronic touch screen type voting that has no paper trail. I've been in IT my whole life and I know better than to trust these devices and my data to both intentional and incidental corruption. This electronic and early voting stuff is a slippery slope of corruption...

Comment: Re:Foreigners (Score 1) 188 188

It's because your a user of technology. Non-citizens are just the excuse used by the US government when we know full well we're all losing our rights to privacy. In fact, I'd suggests non-citizens have more privacy. You're country may not subject you to constant government forced data collection in the form of "insurance" - medical, home, auto, etc. or law enforcement...whatever no privacy exists anywhere anymore.

Aren't you glad you're not getting all the government you pay for now?