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Comment: Re:Urban Transit (Score 0) 806

by Gnodab (#28380979) Attached to: US Plans To Bulldoze 50 Shrinking Cities
You do realize that there are good parts in most inner cities right? Look at DC. Most of Northwest is definitely city, but at the same time, is more or less safe to live in. Manhattan is another example. Fells point and federal hill are nice area's in baltimore.

City != violent crime. lack of wealth and opportunities = violent crime.

you remind me of people who are against public transportation, because it brings in the "bad element." Like going to a used car dealership and throwing down 100 dollars on a car is what is stopping from thugs and murderers from terrorizing the suburbs.

Comment: as someone who practices Zen (Score 0) 212

by Gnodab (#28103341) Attached to: Japan Launches 'Buddha Phone'
I've been practicing Seon (a korean sect of Zen) for a number of years now, under Pohwa Sunim of the Joyge (could be spelling that wrong) order. Zen is all inclusive, including non-inclusive. That includes that phone :). The whole alter thing...meh. Even buddha said, basically, "hey, I'm just a guy who figured out how to live a happy life. Don't idolize me." Playing music with your phone to meditate to? Meh. Irrelevant. What is relevant, is what people hear with. One could say, "well people listen with their ears, you idiot zen guy!" and I would simply remind them that corpses have ears too, but they can't hear! Anyways, all in all it's kind of silly that it even exists, in my opinion.

"Well, if you can't believe what you read in a comic book, what *can* you believe?!" -- Bullwinkle J. Moose