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Comment Re:why not just have a baby earlier? (Score 1) 342

"only expensive if you're always going to toys r us for the overpriced crap that gets lost in 2 days"

False. We almost never buy our three-year-old anything unnecessary. She has plenty of toys, but they were all gifts from relatives. We go to the library a lot.

And now for the killer. We spend $1000/month on daycare/preschool for her. Toys R Us doesn't hold a candle to that.

Comment Netflix, et al (Score 1) 424

"But if you plan to watch a lot of TV over the Internet, don't expect to save money forever."

Let me stop you right there. If you live in certain areas of the country and pay for Netflix, it's likely you aren't watching ANY TV over the internet with the recent CDN/peering issues going on.

Comment Re:Pure BS and FUD (Score 0) 206

Yeah, and they're mightily pissed? And then what are they going to do? They're going to go purchase a new Apple computer because the old one's broke. Which is exactly what Apple wants everyone to do -- purchase one of their toys every single year.

The reason they don't want it on DVD is because a physical medium is outside their control. /rant

Comment Re:nice (Score 1) 318

Are you kidding me? Did they think that customers would want to have their every move logged into their phones? No.

This was by design. It took the collective efforts of some hackers finding out the technical aspects of it; a subsequent public uproar; and a nastygram from a US Senator. This isn't some benign misreading of consumer demand. Apple knew exactly what the hell they were doing.

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