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Comment Yeah, but No. (Score 1) 68

I remember how excited people were when this came out. Then those first couple of petitions went through and the response from the government was reliably more or less "Oh, we understand that you want that, and it sure does sounds neat, but we're not going to do that. Really though, super appreciate the input! TTFN!"

Comment Re:Very sad - but let's get legislation in place N (Score 1) 706

We've got enough people in prison. Just make it so that if there is evidence of horrible security that the affected users have a simple recourse. Have some tiered system set up ahead of time that says what compensation you are entitled to for various breaches. Once you have that massive liability insurance firms are going to get involved and most likely require their own security presence.

Comment Re:To Fight Car Theft (Score 1) 258

Devil's Advocate. There is a lag between when you car gets stolen and when you know it's stolen, then lag for when you tell the police, then lag for when they get it into this system. This way they can have scanned list from the last day or so and check it when you call in.

Comment Re:Taxis = artificial barriers to competition (Score 1) 204

At the very least it shouldn't be full commercial insurance. Maybe the insurance companies should get with the times and work with Uber to offer a per mile rate or something to cover the drivers while they are on the job. Plus, there are plenty of other commercial drivers that do not carry the right insurance, food delivery being a big one.

Comment Re:It's Not About Porn (Score 1) 231

It's also about power. Remember that thing you used to just be able to do without government involvement... well, about that. Now you have to jump through these hoops. JUMP BOY JUMP! Ohhh, who's a good boy! If you keep being good we'll let you keep on doing that thing you were doing!

Comment THE DARKNET (Score 2) 177

The media really makes it seem like nothing happens on the darknet other than child porn and terrorism. It's fitting that they really push this at a time when a more usable darknet should be very attractive to most people. Your IP address, cookies, device ID, browswer ID, OS ID, various logins are all being cross referenced. Your professional work 'searches' are going to be put in a pile with the rest of 'it'.

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