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Comment: Re:Split Shifts (Score 1) 300

Actually, the best method for avoiding union interference is to not treat employees like shit, thus removing incentive to join a union.

On the other hand, I hear Walmart does quite well with their "burn anyone who so much as mentions the word 'union' alive" policy, so I could be way off base.

Comment: PS4 Is Doing Fine (Score 1) 187

by CanHasDIY (#49100411) Attached to: Why Sony Should Ditch Everything But the PlayStation

I've been helping run the family pawn shop since about November - we have had all of ONE PS4 come into our shop, whereas I've taken in at least a half-dozen Xbones.

Take from that anecdote what you will, but it seems to me that the PS4 is doing pretty good without any extra focus.

Also Sony makes killer DVD players and televisions. I hope they don't stop making that stuff, personally.

Comment: Could Be Handy in the Gun Shop (Score 5, Interesting) 133

by CanHasDIY (#49100381) Attached to: Crystal Pattern Matching Recovers Obliterated Serial Numbers From Metal

This could actually be useful for gun shops, since we have to meticulously catalog the serial numbers of all firearms that come in and go out. We often get older (like, 150 year older), used firearms where the serials are worn down and difficult to read, even with a jewelers loupe.

Or rather it would be useful for gun shops, if the process isn't as cost-prohibitive as I presume it will be.

Comment: Re:We knew this in the 1970s (Score 1) 328

by CanHasDIY (#49073735) Attached to: Federal Study: Marijuana Use Doesn't Increase Auto Crash Rates

Unlikely. As professional drivers they probably already knew the best line on the track. A theory would be that the marijuana intoxication relaxed them a bit, so they were calmer entering corners and thus, entered and left them faster, leading to overall faster times.

My question to you is, do you not understand this thing you're talking about because the only racing experience you have is playing Gran Turismo, or because you're attempting to demonize a different thing you don't understand, for some equally idiotic reason?

Comment: Re:But, but, you're using logic and science (Score 2) 328

by CanHasDIY (#49073623) Attached to: Federal Study: Marijuana Use Doesn't Increase Auto Crash Rates

High drivers go right through red lights. I've been in the car with friends on a number of occasions where I had to yell at them to stop for a red light because they were either spaced out on their pot or they were paying attention the the next light over and not the one immediately in front of us.

So yeah. I'm calling bullshit on this "study". I know from first hand experience that pot affects people's ability to drive.

The alternative theory being that you hang out with inattentive morons. But that might say something negative about you ('birds of a feather' and all), so your mind automatically blocked it.

Comment: Re:Good for them (Score 1) 216

by HobophobE (#49068757) Attached to: Valve Censoring Torrent References In Steam Chat

They've been censoring scam/malware sites for awhile now. Many games have virtual items, some of which have significant value. Scammers seek to steal these items through various techniques including phishing sites that look like Steam's website. Once aware of these sites, Steam chat censors them. It's not silent in that case, but replaces the URL with "{LINK REMOVED}". Of course, then scammers use link shorteners and such to try to continue distributing the malicious links.

Comment: So... (Score 1) 154

by CanHasDIY (#49054427) Attached to: Trans-Pacific Partnership Enables Harsh Penalties For Filesharing

So if a media corporation were to steal someone else's art (like that YouTube rapper whose name escapes me), does that mean that under the TPP the board members of said media corporation would be doing hard time and paying millions in fines?

Or should I go ahead and create a craigslist ad for the Brooklyn Bridge?

Comment: "Linked To" (Score 1) 365

by CanHasDIY (#49054393) Attached to: Smoking Is Even Deadlier Than Previously Thought

"Linked To" does not equal "Definitely Causes." Cmon, this is slashdot, we're supposed to be smart and see through the weasel words.

Remember, these are the same people trying their damndest to convince the world vaporizers are just as bad or worse than tobacco, even with a complete lack of evidence.

C for yourself.