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Comment: Re:Sounds virtually useless ... (Score 1) 140

by Gib7 (#40254479) Attached to: London Tube Stations Finally Get Wi-Fi

Earls court station sucks, and you wait forever for a district line train going towards wimbledon. The only type of departure board is a printed list of destinations, with an arrow back-lit by a globe when your train is next. It has you switching platforms willy-nilly, and gives no indication of how long a train will be. If wifi could give extra information, fantastic.

The wifi probably won't get much out to the outer portions of the underground network, but I know the western picadilly line has non-functioning signage, due to there being no data connection from those stations which would allow them to have estmated time of arrival of net train. The electronic signs which would allow this just display "picadilly line" instead of any useful information. I had to use an application on my phone to get this information even while standing on the platform.

Comment: Don't go black completely (Score 1) 507

by Gib7 (#38593984) Attached to: Net Companies Consider the "Nuclear Option" To Combat SOPA

How about instead of these sites going completely black, that they just make it more difficult to access.
When you go to the site, it geo-locates you, and the closer you are to Washington DC, the longer a timer it sets. While you're waiting for the timer to time out, all you have to look at is information about SOPA. But then when the timer finishes, you get to access you page. And there's a way around this using a cookie or something for the tech-savvy of us.

Comment: Re:Maybe this is just me (Score 1) 845

by Gib7 (#38324564) Attached to: Are You Better At Math Than a 4th (or 10th) Grader?


The only one I thought of reaching for a calculator for was the wages one, and that's just because I'm lazy. Then I noticed one had the correct cents, and so that must be the answer.

I could forgive forgetting the coordinate system, and remembering the difference between rotating about the Y axis and flipping the sign of the y coordinate, but the rest were just sums. That someone could fail to get 100% on the sums with a calculator is ridiculous.

I sincerely hope that these weren't true representations of the difficulty of the test, and that the journalists are being silly......

Otherwise the world is doomed.

Comment: Re:USA only? (Score 5, Informative) 140

by Gib7 (#38264172) Attached to: Ticketmaster Customers, Get Ready For Your (Tiny) Class-Action Payout
Ah, I found the answer, and it's "You must also have been a resident of the United States at the time of your purchase". And the $1.50 is only credit on their site! You don't even get a cheque for the money. Ridiculous. I hope the lawyers who agreed to this also get their payment in ticketmaster credit only.

Comment: Re:Just moving the problem really (Score 1) 287

by Gib7 (#37373744) Attached to: Windows 8 To Feature 'Fast Startup Mode'
You know that you can easily change the behaviour of closing the lid ? First thing I do when setting up a new notebook is setting the lid close behaviour to "do nothing". If I want to standby or power down, then it takes me an extra second or so to press the power button. Otherwise, I'm just closnig the lid to get to the cables behind the notebook, or so my boss doesn't see the screen, or because I'm carrying the notebook into the other room.

Comment: Re:90 minutes: partially due to speed of light lim (Score 1) 104

by Gib7 (#37200304) Attached to: NASA Creating Laser Communication System For Mars
Math looks good (although upper case "K" is Kelvin - you need lower case "k" for kilo...), but I suspect there's a large dose of redundancy and Error-correction information included in that 6Mbps. It's not like you can have an efficient retry protocol with a 20 minute ping time. So, there'd be less than 3.2GB of useful data sent. Probably between 50% and 70% would be actual image.

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