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Comment: Re:No mention of... (Score 1) 68

by Gerald (#46672597) Attached to: CryptoPhone Sales Jump To 100,000+, Even at $3500

How do we know this phone hasn't already been NSA 'approved'?

We don't, at least not with 100% certainty. I would think this applies to products from companies based outside the U.S. as well. Foreign intelligence is the NSA's primary mission, after all.

However, given that Blackphone was founded by a team from Silent Circle and Geeksphone chances are pretty good that the product works as advertised.

+ - Nmap team releases 5 gigapixel favicon map 1

Submitted by iago-vL
iago-vL (760581) writes "From the creators of Nmap comes the largest survey of this its kind ever performed: the favicon.ico files of over a million Web sites were scanned, compiled, and sorted to create a 5 gigapixel image, blowing their 2010 survey out of the water! It's searchable, zoomable, and incredibly fun to play with! Can you find Slashdot without cheating? (Hint: it's near Facebook)"

+ - Wireshark switches to Qt->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Beginning with Wireshark 1.11.0 the project has switched its user interface library from GTK+ to Qt. "Both libraries make it easy for developers write applications that will run on different platforms without having to rewrite a lot of code. GTK+ has had a huge impact on the way Wireshark looks and feels and on its popularity but it doesn’t cover our supported platforms as effectively as it should and the situation is getting worse as time goes on.""
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