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Comment I have this problem many times (Score 1) 337

Every few years, I buy from newegg.com. Every time my CC company flags and declines it and I have to call to clear it.

I rarely travel, perhaps a flight every few years. My card gets swiped at the airport check-in and the next day I see 10,000 in flight charges. I call and tell them they are fraudulent charges. I have to fight with them for weeks to get the charges removed.

I personally would like an app where charges over $500 require a 2-stage authorization. Just ping me and I'll be the final call, they can't decide what's fraudulent or not on their own.

Comment Re:Stop teaching shitty code (Score 1) 30

Making a mod for minecraft is not the same as working with the game source code. They're making very small programs like "if it's block type 50 hit it with your axe". Looking at the source code for quake would not be nearly as accessible to learn basic programming concepts.

If it has syntax, it isn't user friendly.