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Comment: Re:Hoo boy, scientific racism again. (Score 0) 202

by GeoSanDiego (#46106875) Attached to: 20% of Neanderthal Genome Survives In Humans
If a test could be devised that African's can do better on than Caucasians on average it would have. It has actually been attempted with pretty much the same results. Thus such a test remains one of the mythical creatures in liberals' bag of wishful thinking arguments. To the above poster who says IQ is a crappy measure: by all means please provide another measure then. How about actual results, such as advancements in technology? I am part African but on the end of the bell curve that can recognize reality.

Comment: Sounds reasonable to me (Score 2) 524

I am a developer who also has some experience paying other developers for a project. I do not agree with some of the criticism you are getting. If you say up front you won't pay for bugs then the developer should not accept the work if they don't want to work under those conditions. It is easy to say "all code has bugs" but it is also true that cleaner and well thought out code will have less bugs and the more unit testing that is done on code the less bugs it will have. Why reward sloppy behavior? Nothing wrong with getting developers to own it. The project I subbed out was a fixed priced project. Bugs and omissions were plentiful, and although I wish the developers were more careful, at the end of the day it was their own time that they were expending on fixes.

Comment: Simple Evidence that Corn for Fuel is NOT WORTH IT (Score 1) 419

by GeoSanDiego (#42853541) Attached to: Corn Shortage Hampers US Ethanol Production
Simple Evidence that Corn for Fuel is NOT WORTH IT: One of the knocks on ethanol is increased distribution costs. Yet when and if used for fuel at the point of production there are no distribution issues. Yet why is it than none of the corn to ethanol plants actually run on ethanol? They all run on fossil fuels.

Comment: Limited Number of Answers (Score 1) 408

by GeoSanDiego (#40937883) Attached to: Secret Security Questions Are a Joke
The two most commonly used questions for a company I used to be a developer for were "What is your favorite color?" and "What is your favorite number?". I tried telling them that they should not be using questions for which most answers would fall within a very small range. But they didn't seem to want to change them.

To downgrade the human mind is bad theology. - C. K. Chesterton