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Comment Re:That's not all folks! (Score 1) 1045

Excuse me, but get your face slashed open in a locker room sometime because of your sexual orientation (even though you're respecting your fellow patrons' privacy) and see how you feel. Apparently, this isn't an instance of "four schools" out of all of them if so many people are coming forward and saying "Something similar happened at my school." This is just a symptom of a much greater disease in America. We are giving up our civil liberties because there's some fantastically simple minded folks who vote without looking at both candidates seriously. For instance, in Michigan, a lot of citizens don't like Governor Granholm. So, they're deciding to vote against her. Note: they're not voting for the other guy, they're voting against her. However, what many people are doing is not looking into his stands. He's as right wing as they get, and yet, even those who are very left wing are going to be voting for him because they blame Granholm for our economic decline here. It's the nature of being uninformed and voting for somebody based on only one or two characteristics as opposed to the whole package that is threatening to tear us of our rights. In the words of Aesop: "We put our petty theives in prison. We put our dangerous ones in office."

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