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Comment Re:Programming (Score 1) 604

Actually using a programming language, instead of a markup language? HTML can be complex, unintuitive and finicky on occasion, but it's not code. (Admittedly many sites these days use JavaScript and such to extend what HTML can do, and that can be code, or it can be just a matter of finding and plugging in the right pre-written program for the job.)

Comment Re:Betteridge's law of headlines says ... no (Score 4, Insightful) 264

Several of these really need to be generalized. We're getting male/female/black/white/asian/etc. variants of everything, needlessly complicating the system. Unicode has inflection support - just mark that 'male' or 'female' is an inflection, like an accent mark. Combined characters, for one glyph.

And yes, that means the 'standard' is gender and race neutral. People might make assumptions; deal with it. It's better than doing 'this is a smiley, and this is a female smiley'.

Comment Actually, its because... (Score 1) 226

Actually, I think its because many of the comments disparage the reporters writing the articles. Usually for good cause... the quality of most news articles these days is pretty horrible. But news organizations don't like to be told that they are idiots.

But there are certainly also lots of instances where the commenters start fighting among themselves... usually it devolves down into politics or religion. People with very strong views often come up against the hard, harsh wall of reality and the result is typically fireworks.


Comment Re:How much RAM is enough for developers? (Score 0) 350

Firefox has lots of memory leaks, particularly if you run javascript-heavy sites or flash-emulated javascript.

You need to kill and restart your firefox if it is eating 21GB. It will return to eating ~1-2 GB, but then start building up again over time. I usually have to completely close my firefox browsers at least once a week.


Comment As much as conveniently fits (Score 2) 350

Honestly, these days if it has two memory slots I stuff it with 16GB of ram. If it has four, then 32GB of ram. Simple as that. Hell, I just put together a 'gaming box' for the son of a friend of mine a few weeks ago and thought 16GB would be enough (4x 4GB). I didn't even follow my own rule because I was being cost conscious. The first thing he did with it? Run minecraft with a visibility setting that ate up all 16GB of ram.

Even more important than ram, stuffing a SSD into the box is what really makes everything more responsive. And even if it has to do a bit of paging it's hardly noticeable when its paging to/from a SSD. And if you do both, the box will stay relevant for a very long time, probably 10 years.

But more to the point, why not?


Comment Best bugs (Score 1) 285

Most time consuming bug - The AMD cpu stack corruption bug. Errata 721. It took me a year to track it down. Half that period I thought it was a software bug in the kernel, for a month I thought it was memory corruption in gcc. And most of the rest of the time was spent trying to reproduce it reliably and examine the cores from gcc to characterize the bug. Somewhere in there I realized it was a cpu bug. It took a while to reduce the cases enough to be able to reproduce the bug within 60 seconds. And the last week was putting the whole thing together into a bootable USB stick image to send to AMD so they could boot up the test environment and reproduce the bug themselves.

Bug that was the most fun - The 6522 I/O chip was a wonderful multi-feature chip with a lot of capability. There was a hardware timer bug which could jam the timer interrupt if it timed out at just the wrong time.

My general advice: Add assertions for complex pre-conditions instead of assuming that said complex pre-conditions are always properly in place. The more non-stupid assertions you have in your code, the earlier you detect the bug and the easier it is to fix.


Comment Re:Passed data with a ton of noise? (Score 4, Informative) 391

Except that the $300 cable isn't grounded on either end, and shows a high level of crosstalk. So the arrows on this cable are just to make people think it's worth the $300.

This cable is better than a $2 cable: It's well built, and meets the specs - barely. But you can get $10-$20 cables that are as well built, and meet the specs with less margin for error (these literally tested as 'within the specs' by less than the margin of error on the testing device) easily.

Comment Re:SubjectsSuck (Score 1) 698

If the submitter is working with Kinesis keyboards, remapping is built in to the keyboard. They probably don't want to remap to Control - the Kinesis Advantage keyboards have them in a thumb key array, which is actually awesome - but I find swapping it with the backtick/tilde key is very useful.

(Kinesis Advantage keyboards have a mostly QWERTY layout (or mostly Dvorak, if you buy that option), but split the keys into two sections, and have separate key clusters under each thumb - putting space directly under the right thumb and backspace directly under the left. Exact layout of Control/Windows/Command/Opt/Alt depends on which model you buy: Windows, Mac, or Other, but they are clustered around the thumbs.)

Comment Re:The problem is getting people to use them (Score 2) 34

It should also be noted that bed nets can be rendered ineffective by such things as rolling over or throwing an arm out in your sleep. If the net is touching the skin, the mosquitoes can bite right through it. Proper use requires a good bed and a well-built house, so that you can suspend it around the bed. (And the bed can't be overloaded - if there are several people in the bed you're more likely to touch the sides of the net.)

Bed nets are common in the areas affected. But they are finicky, annoying, and intrude on your life. A bed net is fine and good - but so is sitting on the porch drinking a beer with your friends while you watch the sunset. (Which will put you at risk.) A vaccine which could effectively knock down a large portion of the risk, and possibly reduce the infected pool for the mosquitoes to draw from, would be much better in the long run.

Comment Re:Thank the gods (Score 1) 151

Yup, they sure do. Not only is HTML5 video in ads happening a lot more these days, some sites insert the ads in-line with the article making it difficult for adblock software to distinguish them from graphs and other things that are part of the article.

I've got adblock installed in chrome, but not firefox yet. For some reason some sites think I'm on a chromebook when I use chrome, instead of DragonFly, which I find hilarious. Adblock in firefox is next.

No flash for ages. Last thing I would ever do. HTML5 or nothing, baby! I complain to sites like Pandora that still have flash requirements for certain browsers, but not for others.


Comment Thank the gods (Score 3) 151

We finally get video and sound working properly and it's just been driving me BATTY when I have 30 firefox tabs open and can't figure out which one is making all the noise.

My absolute favorite is actually when a video site has video ads on the side bars that play over the video in the article. Sometimes more than one at once.

On the bright side, it finally caused me to get off my duff and map the mute and volume keys into X.


Comment Re:But it's SATA (Score 1) 195

Just in case you didn't know, SATA and SAS use the same physical interface on the drive side. For systems with a small number of drives there isn't a whole lot of difference. The main issue comes down to how fan-out is handled when a large number of drives are available but the driver is simply so that vendors can pump up the price for the controllers and drives (double, triple, etc for basically the same hardware). The SATA protocol was intentionally hobbled in order to not compete with the SAS protocol. However, for a small number of drives, performance will basically be the same and the cost difference has driven lots of vendors to simply support both and use point-to-point links instead of fan-out anyway.


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