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Comment: Re:late to the party (Score 3, Funny) 55

by Geek70 (#40159441) Attached to: Mathematicians Show Why Bubbles Sink in Nitrogen-Infused Stouts
The underlying principle in science is to form a model and then test for confirmation or error. Clearly these dedicated professionals were testing in the name of science in case other forces were involved! In fact, I should do my part and run some tests of my own. I might also test some principles regarding gravity while I'm at it....

Comment: Re:Which means... (Score 2) 36

by Geek70 (#38006490) Attached to: Mapping a World of Human Activity
To some degree, they do. Airport locations have clear requirements and flight paths avoid population centres when possible due to noise pollution. Mountain ranges or areas with known volatile weather patterns also dictate some flight paths. This is mainly for smaller aircraft rather than the truly high-flying international flights.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from a rigged demo.