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Comment: Re:30 Million Dollars for WHAT?! (Score 1) 400

by GeckoAddict (#40017283) Attached to: General Motors: "Facebook Ads Aren't Worth It"
Unless that $30mil includes taking pictures of the car, creating videos, doing market research, developing branding and strategy, and dozens of other activities related to advertising that aren't directly typing text into facebook. Not saying it's outlandish, but it's easy to underestimate the things that are all included.

I'd also assume $50k/year is WAY under the actual cost/employee once you figure in benefits and salaries.

+ - Researchers Generate Liquid Fuel Using Electricity->

Submitted by Zothecula
Zothecula (1870348) writes "While electric vehicles have come a long way in the past decade, they still have many disadvantages when compared to internal combustion engine-driven vehicles. The lithium-ion batteries that power electric vehicles have a much lower energy storage density when compared to liquid fuel, they take longer to “refuel,” and they lack the supporting infrastructure that has built up around conventional vehicles over the past century. Now researchers at the UCLA Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science have developed a process that could allow liquid fuel to be produced using solar generated electricity."
Link to Original Source

+ - Department of Defense outlines Skynet development->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Zachary J. Lemnios holds the position of Assistant Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering in the US Government. Yesterday he released a letter (PDF) entitled, “The Department of Defense Is Placing a Big Bet on Big Data.” through a new government site called the Defense Innovation Marketplace. It broadly outlines how new systems are being developed and brought online to “understand and interpret” the growing amount of data being gathered by military sensors.

The project does not have a name yet, but it could be multiple projects as far as we know. The aim is clear, though. The DoD wants to create a system that combines sensing, perception, and the ability to make decisions to create a “truly autonomous system.” The end result? A system that will be “agile maneuver and understand their environment make decisions by themselves know when to call upon a human.”

I think they should call it the T-100 as it’s a first attempt, don’t you?"

Link to Original Source

Comment: Re:Possibly too little, too late ... (Score 1) 500

by GeckoAddict (#39200521) Attached to: Microsoft Launches Windows 8 Consumer Preview

I wonder if other organizations are only just getting to Win 7, if Win 8 might become one of those releases that everyone bypasses since they just finished upgrading. That would likely hurt MIcrosoft.

I would expect most organizations (especially large ones) to skip it, just like they skipped Windows ME and Vista... but I don't think that really hurt MS too badly. If there's one thing MS is good it, it's solidifying version 2.

Comment: Re:Ding Ding the witch is dead! (Score 1) 262

by GeckoAddict (#39151391) Attached to: Microsoft Killing Off Zune, Windows Live Brands?
I agree. Microsoft has been very divided in it's products for a very long time (to the point where you even wonder if products were made by the same company), and it looks like Win8 is where they're looking to consolidate into a single, cohesive brand. The problem with that strategy is if it doesn't work, you've got nothing to fall back on.

Comment: Re:Not a fan (Score 1) 619

by GeckoAddict (#36227060) Attached to: Mandatory Automotive Black Boxes May Be On the Way
My guess is that it would perfectly legal to modify, but no state would register the vehicle for use on public roads (which kind of defeats the purpose unless you have your own city). Just like how I can remove the taillights. Sure, it's legal to remove them, but not to drive on public roads without it.

Combined with the fact that insurance companies would likely put you at 100% fault without the data, and you're pretty much screwed.

Comment: Re:Rent To Own (Score 4, Informative) 510

by GeckoAddict (#36022572) Attached to: Aaron Computer Rental Firm Spies On Users
The rule you're describing is simple, pay things in the following order of priority:
Loans and payments that can't be discharged in bankruptcy (student loans, child support, etc.)
Secured debt (house, auto)
Unsecured debt (credit card, medical, etc)

And as someone who just had to do it: my wife had a medical emergency that required surgery, and we owed a few grand that I didn't have at the time. I called them up, they asked 'can you afford $150/month? Yes, OK, that will be your payment at 0% until paid'. Medical places would much rather get paid slowly than not get paid at all.

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