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Comment Re:FIST SPORT (Score 0, Flamebait) 278 278

Someone can go cry about brain scans all day, all it does is provide mental justification for sitting on their fat ass eating cheetos and playing world of warcraft. I've got zero pity and I'm going to laugh at them for what they are, fatasses eating cheetos playing world of warcraft.

Comment Re:Does not store any personal details about clien (Score 2, Insightful) 137 137

Right, I don't think the developers would log traffic or identifiable information. These are people who started a whole political party based around anonymity. Take the tin hat off. (And as the other poster said, you are confusing developers with the new owners of the domain.)
The Internet

Submission + - Web Use Supposedly Falling Among Youth->

Jay writes: "According to a recent Reuters article, a survey of youth in Australia "revealed a deep nostalgia among Australians aged between 16 and 30 for the past, when the world appeared to be simpler and friends met in person, not online ... the amount of time spent online by young adults [fell] by 30 minutes a week from last year."

While I don't pretend to be representative of youth, as someone in that age bracket living in NY, I've not noticed this trend in the slightest. I think they took too much of the sample from the Sydney equivalent of Brooklyn hipsters."

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Comment Re:Does not store any personal details about clien (Score 1, Interesting) 137 137

I don't understand your point. It doesn't need to store personal details, it only needs to confirm that your login and id are valid.

After that, as long as it doesn't record the IP addresses you're visiting, it's effectively anonymous and thus valid.

Yes, Pirate Bay could secretly store that information, but I somehow doubt they would.

Comment Re:First Nuclear Weapon Equipped Post (Score 3, Informative) 416 416

The issue here is less whether competition or good or bad (competition is good) but whether a downward spiral of free crap (see Office being given away online) will reduce in loss-leaders that kill both business models leaving everyone bust.

Hence nuclear software wasteland.

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