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Comment: They've received EUR 140 in contributions (Score 1) 157

by GauteL (#46754891) Attached to: Will This Flying Car Get Crowdfunded?

It may not produce many flying cars, but it may pay for a few rounds of drinks! And thankfully they use flexible funding, so they'll get their bar bill covered even if only four people have donated so far.

From the page:
"This campaign will receive all funds raised even if it does not reach its goal. Funding duration: March 31, 2014 - May 15, 2014 (11:59pm PT)."

Comment: Re:XP users don't care (Score 1) 245

by GauteL (#46681163) Attached to: Slashdot Asks: Will You Need the Windows XP Black Market?

Home users either won't know how or won't care to bother. Most people I know who are still running XP have been virus-infected for months or even years. As long as it lets them play YouTubes, check their gMail, and surf Crackbook they just flat out don't *care* that the machine is infected.

I hear you, but I hope they just might care if someone grabs their credit card and bank details, or much worse; their PC gets turned into a file server for child porn and they have to defend themselves in both the proper courts and the courts of public opinion.

Comment: Very sensible decision. (Score 1) 1746

by GauteL (#46658485) Attached to: Brendan Eich Steps Down As Mozilla CEO

I know the overwhelming majority of posts here seem to be about this being a sad day for freedom of speech. But nobody has taken away Mr Eichs right to speak.
A large group of users (and donors) have, however, made it clear that they may want to excercise their right to use and donate to whatever they want, and Mr Eichs campaigning and donating to remove people's rights may impact on that decision.

Given that Mr Eich was the CEO and not some low-level employee, it is much harder to separate his personal beliefs from that of the organisation. Furthermore, a lot of donors may be uncomfortable with the idea that their donations may well go towards funding campaigns for anti-Gay legislation. Yes, that is always a possibility as employees of an organisation are allowed to do what they want with their salary, but nobody would be as well-enumerated and as public as Mr Eich.

Comment: Re:False premise (Score 2) 379

I believe most of your arguments have been answered by other posters... except this one:

Finally, who wants to hire somebody they know won't be working more than a few more years?

What is the difference between hiring a good 60 year old and good 25-year old? You will probably have the 60 year old for 4-5 years. The 25-year old will leave after 2-3 years for greener grass elsewhere. If you really want a steady hand who will stay for a long while, hire a 50-55-year old with grandchildren nearby and target extra incentives to make them stay longer. I'm not talking about throwing money at them, but rather things like 5 days extra holiday a year and the option of an unpaid sabbatical. 50+ year olds are likely to have seen it all and knows better than to jump ship whenever something fancy comes along. As long as they feel valued and well treated they are more likely to stick around.

Comment: Re:What are these shiny discs you speak of? (Score 1) 250

by GauteL (#46452979) Attached to: Sony & Panasonic Next-Gen Optical Discs Moving Forward

While I get what you are saying, the difference in quality between Blu-Ray and Netflix/OtherStreamingServices[tm] is quite astounding. I completely agree that Streaming is good enough for most purposes, but if you want to watch a high quality picture on a top quality TV, then the streaming services don't yet cut it. That is a reason to (sometimes) collect physical media.

But the amount of films I'd care enough to have on physical media is severely limited. When Sony fought tooth and nail against HD-DVD to make Blu-Ray the "Standard" optical HD-format, I expect they thought they'd be able to milk that cow a bit longer.

Comment: Oh good. (Score 1) 212

by GauteL (#46406747) Attached to: PC Game Prices — Valve Starts the Race To Zero

Now the "for sale" list will be an utterly useless way of finding a good deal because it will be filled with spam and god awful "freemium" games from the publishers. Every game will be continuously "on sale" and if Valve has any rules against this, the publishers will use the same tricks high street retailers use to always advertise a sale even in countries with marketing laws regarding sales (i.e. introduce a product at a ridiculously high price so that they can then advertise it at 50% sale the next week).

Comment: Re:Unregulated currency (Score 1) 704

by GauteL (#46406143) Attached to: Bitcoin Exchange Flexcoin Wiped Out By Theft

"You do not need to use an exchange"

If you actually want to use your bitcoins for anything, you probably do need an exchange. You obviously don't have to just use one exchange and store all your bitcoins there perpetually. If you still believe in Bitcoin, store your bitcoins yourself and only transfer a portion of them to an exchange when you want normal currency.

Comment: Re:Solution - Face-saving way out (Score 1) 482

by GauteL (#46405979) Attached to: Pro-Vaccination Efforts May Be Scaring Wary Parents From Shots

"I'm not a real fan of compulsory things like this."

It isn't compulsory. It is a requirement for receiving some public privileges. I.e. when you put your child in a public nursery, you may be asked to show evidence that your child has followed the normal public health service vaccination plan, some equivalent alternative, or has some valid medical reason not to.

You are not required to put your child in a public nursery. I'd rather argue that the other children in that nursery has a right to an environment being made as safe as practically possible, which includes making sure children are vaccinated.

Comment: Re:Facebook was dumb. (Score 2) 144

by GauteL (#46321515) Attached to: WhatsApp Founder Used Unchangable Airline Ticket To Pressure Facebook

Whatsapp is useful if you have moved country and would like to keep receiving texts from your old friends without putting them out. It is one of those cases where politeness dictates that you can't expect people to keep texting you, even though you would have no issue paying the £10 it would cost per month to send 50 text messages.

That said, catering for us is not an 'insanely hot' business idea and a lot may well be swayed to move to Google Hangouts or Skype quite easily.

Comment: Re:Reminds me of the "split tickets" system in the (Score 1) 240

by GauteL (#46216643) Attached to: How To Hack Subway Fares Using Fare Arbitrage

"Bizarrely I'm pretty sure the system came about as a way to 'simplify' ticket costing and avoid companies abusing it :|"

I have no doubt. The result is of course a system which appears blatantly unfair to people in the same way that buying two small packets of biscuits in the super-market may end up cheaper than buying the double size "economy, always better value, package". It is just not right. It should be dead easy to price the journeys to have the same price per "stage" regardless of whether you buy the full journey or buy each stage individually.

The ridiculous thing is that it IS easy. This is proven by all the third party websites that offer you this service (SplitYourTicket, SplitMyFare, RailEasy, etc.). It really should be easy to sort this out through the official channels.

Comment: Re:Reminds me of the "split tickets" system in the (Score 1) 240

by GauteL (#46216597) Attached to: How To Hack Subway Fares Using Fare Arbitrage

"Airlines have a pretty good reason to charge almost the same for singles as they do for returns on international flights"

This is EU internal, so this is completely irrelevant. Companies such as RyanAir, Easyjet, Norwegian, etc. are more than capable of giving you a decent offer for a one-way ticket for the same routes, the same goes for some of the traditional airliners. I'm afraid this must be KLM internal policy.

Comment: Reminds me of the "split tickets" system in the UK (Score 3, Interesting) 240

by GauteL (#46216069) Attached to: How To Hack Subway Fares Using Fare Arbitrage

Go from Swindon to London at peak hours costs an extortionate £60.50.

Book the ticket from Swindon to Reading and then Reading to London Paddington costs £34 + £22.20 = £56.20, saving you £4.30.

The train from Swindon to London always stops at Reading anyway and you will spend your journey in the exact same train taking the exact same amount of time and you will stand just as uncomfortably for your slightly less extortionate fee. And as opposed to swapping tickets with someone, this is perfectly legit and not against the terms of service.

There may have been some original sensible reason, but it sure feels like a scam to me.

Also, some airliners (KLM, I'm looking at you), charge you MORE for a single flight than they do for a return flight. When I moved country (and consequently only wanted to book a single), I had to book a return ticket which I simply didn't turn up for, otherwise it would have cost me £500 more. There may be some logic in what KLM is doing, but it feels like a big "fuck you" to me.

Comment: Re:Not Cost! (Score 2) 473

by GauteL (#46215943) Attached to: Ugly Trends Threaten Aviation Industry

"The cost of an airplane is not the issue. If you look back to at least the 1960s, an airplane cost about as much as a middle class house. That has not changed."

Oh dear. You are comparing the airplane with something which has also increased massively in price compared to income over the last few decades. That middle class house costs many more times the average income than it used to. Not least due to easy availability of loans. What has changed is that both the housing and planes have gone up massively in price. Where some may have been able to afford both previously, they cannot now, and guess what? The hobby usually loses.

Comment: Very inaccurate and deceptive (Score 5, Informative) 359

While the indoor activities may well be in the City of Sochi, the activities which actually requires a large amount of snow (alpine and nordic) are actually arranged in Rosa Khutor, which may only be 50 km away, but happens to be approximately 1000 meters above sea level, something which does have an impact on the climate.

There may be lots of things wrong with these Olympics, but there is no need to exaggerate.

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