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Comment: Re:Did any of you actually read the complaint?! (Score 1) 308

by Garrynz (#35472414) Attached to: Man Arrested For Linking To Online Videos

According to the subject is actually accused of EMBEDDING, not linking. That is, he is alleged to have embedded copyrighted video streams (and/or their surrounding pages) inside his own site with surrounding ad content, instead of linking the user to the actual hosting web site. The major mistake by ICE appears to be a failure to actually use the word "embed" in their complaint. I would expect a takedown or lawsuit if I did this, so it's difficult for me to be surprised. Of course, that's no reason not to retrieve the links from the Internet Wayback Machine and (properly) link them from all of our home pages.

Kind of like how Google Images embeds my copyright images without my consent?

Comment: Emus (Score 1) 337

by Garrynz (#28825291) Attached to: New Zealand Tree Stuck In Evolutionary Time Warp
"Thomas Givnish, a plant ecologist at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, adds that the hypothesis could be strengthened by "exposing these plants to ... emus or ostriches to demonstrate that these traits deter browsing by birds" When I was studying evolution at Canterbury University in 2000 one such scientist from the US was about to conduct this experiment with emus I believe. I finished uni the following year and never did find out the results of the experiemnet, anyone know?

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