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+ - PokerStars settles with DOJ and acquires Full Tilt Poker->

Submitted by Gantic
Gantic (460802) writes "PokerStars have acquired Full Tilt poker in a large settlement with the DOJ that includes repayment of the in limbo Full Tilt player funds. Both sites denied any wrong doing which the DOJ appears to have accepted and paves the way for federal legislation for online poker within the United States. PokerStars are paying $731m in total of which $547m is to repay US customers and $184m for ROW players."

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Google Turns 5 368

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the make-a-wish dept.
Gantic writes "The BBC has an article on Google's 5th birthday. The popular search engine now handles over 200 million queries a day and the word "Google" is now a noun, adjective and verb. Lets see how long the most popular search engine in the world can last, here's to another 5 years and more Google!"

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