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Submission + - Discrete HTPC GPUs Evaluated (

An anonymous reader writes: Intel's HD Graphics and AMD's Llano Fusion GPUs have raised the bar for HTPC enthusiasts. It is now possible to get flawless hardware accelerated video decoding on even the budget platforms. However, HTPC enthusiasts looking to build their next system still need to go with discrete GPUs. It is preferable that these cards be passively cooled. Anandtech takes a look at the various discrete GPUs targeted towards HTPCs, laying emphasis on the fact that the configuration of the tested models can also be obtained in passively cooled versions. In addition to evaluating the video post processing capabilities of the GPUs, the article also discusses NVIDIA's new video decode engine and includes guides to set up some exciting softwares for HTPC users

Comment Misleading Headline? (Score 5, Informative) 314

Unfortunately, the dual core CPU has got almost nothing to do with the 1080p encode or decode. These are handled by dedicated IPs (pre-designed blocks which are slotted into the chip) from companies like Imagination Technologies and Chips & Media. They would work as well with an single core Cortex-A8 as they do with the Cortex-A9.

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