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Comment Re:Surprised? (Score 2) 424

Just more Cheez-wiz American cinema. Lucas ruined the first three movies when made the last three.

Oh for pete's sake, Lucas didn't ruin anything. Star Wars until the sellout to Disney was his. His fucking vision.

Well, no. His vision was a green-skinned Han Solo with gills and other crazy characters/ideas that brighter minds, fortunately, talked him out of. A New Hope is what happens when you based your movie on established storytelling techniques (hero's journey) and have a capable and outspoken editing staff. The Phantom Menace is what happens when you leave Lucas to "his vision."

Comment Re:Rather late (Score 2) 313

Nope, I use high quality VBR MP3 for my music because a) it sounds great, b) it's supported on everything and c) it takes a lot less storage space. FLAC is for idiots who think they have superhuman hearing.

I use FLAC to rip my CDs losslessly, so if they ever break, get lost, or degrade, I'll be able to re-burn them with no loss of data. I won't pretend I can hear the difference, but I'd rather not take the chance if I have to reuse/transcode the files in the future.

Comment Re:Average SD article containing TM unclear ABR in (Score 1) 293

My university gave me the equivalent of 2 years of credits (officially starting me as a junior) for the 6 AP tests I passed. But my BS still took 4 years.

What kind of college only requires three classes per year? My understanding (as someone who has received college credit for AP tests and subsequently graduated) is that a single AP test takes the place of a single class - usually three or four credit hours. You were a junior with only 24 credit hours to your name?

Comment Re:Interview ending question (Score 4, Interesting) 692

"Do you have any weaknesses?" "Yes, I hate stupid interview questions"

I think I actually found a decent answer to this question. "I value stability so much that it sometimes acts against my best interests. For example, if I hadn't been laid off from my last job, I would've preferred to stay there as long as possible, even if it meant not looking for better jobs. The stability of an existing salaried position was too attractive to voluntarily let go."

Paraphrased, "Yeah, my weakness is that if you hire me, I'd like to work here until I die." Hey, I got the job.

Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 2) 216

Right. Because none of us know that movies like totally aren't real and shit.

I don't think the Romans cared about the "realness" of the games; that is, they didn't watch the gladiators because they personally wanted those people dead. If you're far enough removed emotionally from the participants (which the Romans certainly were), being at the Colosseum for them was like being at the movies for us.

Comment Re:Horse, meet water (Score 2) 381

Shareholders have purchased a part in a company because they support its vision and actions. The people that "own" the government, on the other hand, have no choice in being taxed, and half of them are always going to be against what the government decides to do.

I guarantee you that if a company went against the wishes of half its shareholders, you'd hear about it.

Comment Just show me the finished game. (Score 1) 116

a major focus is going to be on making sure that each alien race is as fully-realized as possible, and that the interactions with the other aliens are realistic: talking to one alien race will be different than talking to another, and the choices you make in the game will have side effects and the computer players will remember them — and treat you differently because of them.

In concept this sounds great. In practice, it's probably just going to be a series of sliders that influences how likely a race is to trade with or attack you.

Claims like this are almost always underwhelming in the final product. Heck, I challenge anyone to name ONE game that has a decent, realistic morality system. If we can't even get Good/Bad right, what odds does this game have?

Comment Re:iGoogle (Score 1) 50

With iGoogle shutting down in November as well, it's getting overlooked by all this talk of Google Reader. I've been using iGoogle since '04, and it coming to an abrupt end is unfortunate.

That said, it looks like Netvibes will import your iGoogle settings directly and supports the same interface. I'm going to sign up and try it out.

I switched to Netvibes as soon as I heard iGoogle was shutting down. It's doing the job perfectly, and I've never looked back.

Comment Re:Network externalities (Score 1) 224

This is why Google+ is such a failure. No one uses it because no one else uses it.

Spoken like a true ignoramus. G+ has 500 million users, nearly half of what Facebook does. It's also only been around for two years, while Facebook has been around for eight. Given its age and the fact that it's had to find its place in a market already dominated by a similar product, I'd say Google+ is a smashing success.

Comment Re:The important word is "should" (Score 2) 237

But most Americans prefer things very simple. They think the moon is a planet and full of resources while an asteroid is a ball of sand like you see at the beach.

I don't think most Americans believe that at all. I think it just boils down to what you said in your second sentence - putting humans on the moon is way sexier. WE want to be the ones doing the exploring, not some computerized device.

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