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Comment Re:I don't mind metered internet usage... (Score 1) 479

The equipment do cost money, but if it's already there, why leave it running unused? That makes no sense. Like the electricity at night is wasted because it cannot be stored. Every second the maximum capacity is not used, that's a forever lost opportunity to transmit data.

Comment Blade Runner (Score 1) 277

This makes me wonder if those replicants in Blade Runner were just common consumer products, not really designed to fail after a few years. Is there anything man made that can function longer than we live? I'm sure there are a few rare examples, but why is it so hard to create something that outlives us?

Comment Re:RealAlternative is actually copyright infringem (Score 2) 297

Yes, there are codecs which should not be there. MPC - the media player in the package - was built with real's own SDK and can play realmedia files without need of any boundled codecs IF realplayer is installed on the machine. (note: I made MPC originally but have nothing to do with any codec packs)

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