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Comment Re:Dioxin is well-studied (Score 1) 343

Uh no -- I quote

In many parts of the world, the daily intake of dioxins
seems to be at or above the so-called AI)I (acceptable
daily intake, 1 or 10 pg/kg body weight) value. However,
a proper basis for the determination of TEQs for dioxin
congeners is stlli not sufficiently well established; no
health risk to the general population emerges from the
data of toxicity and tissue concentration in animals.
This conclusion is further supported by data from people
with enhanced burdens of dioxins as a result of occupational,
accidental, or environmental exposures.

Comment Re:!Science (Score 1, Informative) 701

Ozone hole has turned out to be a natural phenomena not related CFC. (Never mind the pesky volcano spewing all sorts of ozone-depleting stuff near the damn ozone hole...)

Acid rain -- noone, anywhere, ever even slightly inconvenienced by the "acid rain".

While it is true that smoking can cause lung cancer, you might want to look up the rate of lung cancer in non-smokers...

Comment Re:Impressive (Score 1) 701

Which just goes to show you that you have no clue about peer review.

The mainstay of peer review IS demolishing the case brought in the paper, raising objections and sending them back to the drawing board.

And just to finish it all off: http://www.sciencenews.org/view/feature/id/57091/title/Odds_Are,_Its_Wrong

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