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GMontag's Journal: Consensus: Existence Confirmed 1

Journal by GMontag

A product of my extensive, soon to be self-published, research concludes that the consensus among Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) researchers have determined that extraterrestrials exist among us.

More than a decade of research was conducted by listening to Coast to Coast on late-night AM radio, as well as other related forums.

Any disagreement with these conclusions should be met with great skepticism and should be questioned. For example, if a terracentric shill asks "How do they know?" the proper response "What if they are right you narrow minded ignorant flat-earth fool?"

This ground breaking information sheds new light on the man-made moon theory, which may well be a base for extraterrestrials and exist only for that purpose. New research to investigate the similarity between the 'moon' and the "Death Star" has begun, with a focus on a movie producer with no real track record of creativity or financing, other than what has been fabricated by his press releases.

Preparations should be made immediately to welcome our visitors to show we mean no harm.

In other news, a massive killer hurricane is heading for Manhattan Island at this very moment. Well, not at this moment, but the global warming consensus warns that one could be heading there as soon as next week.

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Consensus: Existence Confirmed

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  • Coast to Coast was much more fun when he hosted all the time. I always thought Bell had more of a "wait and see" tone, in that he didn't necessarily believe a lot of the stuff on his show, but he always found it very interesting and entertaining. George Noory(sp?) seems to believe everything and the show is kind of boring as a result.

    I know he still hosts occasionally, but it's just not the same. Classic CtC was great fun, akin to sitting around the campfire and telling ghost stories.

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