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Harvard Ditching Final Exams? 371

itwbennett writes "According to Harvard magazine, Harvard's Faculty of Arts and Sciences voted at its meeting on May 11 to require instructors to officially inform the Registrar 'at the first week of the term' of the intention to end a course with a formal, seated exam, 'the assumption shall be that the instructor will not be giving a three-hour final examination.' Dean of undergraduate education Jay M. Harris 'told the faculty that of 1,137 undergraduate-level courses this spring term, 259 scheduled finals — the lowest number since 2002, when 200 fewer courses were offered. For the more than 500 graduate-level courses offered, just 14 had finals, he reported.'"

Comment Re:Why are there still game retailers? (Score -1) 155

When the ISP's start charging people for bandwidth usage and download caps, your question will become null. Your $49 game download just incurred an extra $20 from your ISP since you exceeded your 12GB per month limit. ...In the end, corporate America will bleed you.

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