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+ - HawaiiCon Kickstarter Launch->

Submitted by G3CK0
G3CK0 writes: HawaiiCon will be hosting the 10th Reunion of the fantastic cast of Stargate Atlantis as well as blazingly bright stars from Babylon 5, Farscape, Fringe, Xena, Game of Thrones, Star Trek and many others.

Because it is in Hawaii, HawaiiCon will be showcasing the mythology of the islands, not some oooga, booga BS, but real local ancient knowledge and indigenous sciences. Astronomers working on the cutting edge of the top observatories in the world will be on hand to reveal the newest discoveries of some of the oldest light in the universe! Mars mission folks are doing all kinds of research right here on the Big Island and will present panels on whats going on out in space and how were going to go there on the next big missions.

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+ - Retail copies of Office 2013 are tied to a single computer forever -> 1

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes: With the launch of Office 2013 Microsoft has seen fit to upgrade the terms of the license agreement, and it’s not in favor of the end user. It seems installing a copy of the latest version of Microsoft’s Office suite of apps ties it to a single machine. For life.

On previous versions of Office it was a different story. The suite was associated with a “Licensed Device” and could only be used on a single device. But there was nothing to stop you uninstalling Office and installing it on another machine perfectly legally. With that option removed, Office 2013 effectively becomes a much more expensive proposition for many.

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Comment: What about the server side? (Score 5, Insightful) 313

by G3CK0 (#42572881) Attached to: Learn Basic Programming So You Aren't At the Mercy of Programmers
Sure, learn enough client side tech and you can fumble through putting together an interface - but what then? What about storing state or any number of instances where you need to talk with a DB or do some type of server side magic? And another thing to consider, it's not just learn some HTML, JavaScript and CSS - it's also figure out how the different browsers handle the quirks of each of those technologies. It's one thing to be an informed consumer, and an entirely different thing to be a backseat driver who does not actually know how to drive.

Comment: Re:Doesn't work on a live brain (Score 2, Funny) 95

by G3CK0 (#34264220) Attached to: New Imaging Method Reveals Brain Connections

A slab of tissue — in this case, from a mouse's cerebral cortex — was carefully sliced into sections only 70 nanometers thick. (That's the distance spanned by 700 hydrogen atoms theoretically lined up side by side.) These ultrathin sections were stained with antibodies designed to match 17 different synapse-associated proteins, and they were further modified by conjugation to molecules that respond to light by glowing in different colors.

In case you were wondering, you have to be dead to be scanned with this technique, and it doesn't look like they will be able to press a button and scan a whole brain.

I'm not so sure that this small technicality will stop the TSA from installing one of these scanners :)


+ - Most Distant Known Object in Universe->

Submitted by
G3CK0 writes: "Scientists at NASA's Swift satellite and Gemini Observatory on Mauna Kea have observed the most distant object in our universe. The object, a Gamma ray burst, has been measured at a redshift of z = 8.2. The light from this object has been traveling over 13 of the estimated 13.7 billion year age of the universe. An interesting note, this observation falls under what is know as a TOO (Target of Opportunity). Normal observations at Gemini are carried out via queue mode. When time sensitive events happen, a decision can be made to suspend the queue (and classical observing) in order to observe the TOO."
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