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Comment: Re:Figured this out in 2003 (Score 1) 663

by Fwonkas (#40462005) Attached to: Are Open-Source Desktops Losing Competitiveness?
I had a similar experience (also circa 2003), and have to agree. Minor UI quibbles notwithstanding, back then OS X seemed to do exactly what desktop Linux should have been doing. OS X might be starting to show its age a little now, but it still holds up. That said, I was a big fan of Window Maker and Afterstep, which later endeared me to OS X.

Microsoft Lifts XP Mode Hardware Requirement 205

Posted by kdawson
from the marketecture-in-action dept.
An anonymous reader writes "This week, Microsoft published a patch that allows Windows XP Mode to run on PCs without hardware-assisted virtualization. Which begs the question: Why the bizarro requirement in the first place? Was it an honest attempt to deliver an 'optimal' user experience? Or simply a concession to the company's jilted lover, Intel Corporation — 'a kind of apology for royally screwing up with the whole Windows Vista “too fat to fit” debacle,' as the blog post puts it."

Comment: Re:Well, duh. (Score 1) 176

by Fwonkas (#28515907) Attached to: Ad Networks the Laggards In Jackson Traffic Spike
Actually, it's not necessarily using document.write() which is causing the problem. The problem is that most browsers will not move on until the script has been loaded and run, because of things like document.write(). My point is that not using document.write() won't fix the problem.

Using javascript to create script nodes can get around this problem, but only if the script you're loading doesn't have (for example) document.write(). So it's useless for ads as they are currently done.

I've actually tried overriding document.write(), and got it working fairly smoothly in FF. Not in IE, of course.

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