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Comment: Highlight Reel (Score 1) 732

by FuzzyDustBall (#45349243) Attached to: Movie Review: <em>Ender's Game</em>
I agree completely with the authors review of the movie. I really do not know if someone who has not read the book would even understand what was going on half the time. For example after Ender gets the dragon team there is a quick scene where Harrison Ford say something to the effect of he's pushing them hard and in the back ground you may notice that his team looks to have moved up a leader board. But the very next thing they do is his final battle... So if you missed the significance of the leader board you would assume that this is also his first battle, which makes no sense with the dialog later in the battle. So the entire movie felt like a highlight reel of the book.

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In all seriousness, aren't most pop songs written by committee* before the performer gets involved?

Would you prefer the committee to sing their own songs or the average singer composing their own songs?

I don't see much advantage in having the composer and the singer being the same person. I care about the final product.

The advantage is that the singer has an emotional connection to the words they write, they then emote those feelings through singing in hopes of eliciting an emotional response from you the listener.

When one person writes and the other sings, there is a passing from the writer to the singer of the emotion, this is less good then coming from the singer them selves but some good singers can interpreter the emotion from the writer or apply their own.

When lyrics are developed by committee there is no emotion just catch phrases and even the most talented singers would be hard pressed to put any emotion into it.

Comment: I use them but to provide a level of distraction.. (Score 1) 262

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not to drown out one. I find that when I start actually typing (making code happen) it's rather boring, The entire design is in my head and now its just time to dump it to the screen, if I don't have a distraction my mind will want to solve the next problem and not deal with the some what less interesting task of formatting the current for loop I'm typing. In my "undistracted" state I tend to wander even switch activities because I have come up with some Idea or such. So if I just have a lot of dumb code to write then headphones on if I really need to think about something head phones off.

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But why should we give ANYONE preference, other than the contractor that we believe will do the best job and provide the most value for the money? Even if we are "only" paying .1% [citation needed] more for EVERYTHING in the government, it is extremely wasteful of taxpayer dollars.

Belief is the exact issue, many people have many different beliefs on what makes a contractor that will do just that and sadly many of those people making decisions are old white men that still believe (wrongly) that old white men are the only ones that can run a company. So in order to give other people a chance to get in the business and actually create some some competition we must make laws like this, it's sad but it is a reality.

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Having worked as a government contractor and for companies that sell to the government for over 15 years this just isn't true. Some contracts (usually smaller ones) are set asides for the above an 8A contract can only be bid on by a minority owned small business, but a small business contract can be bid on by any small business. If you are bidding on a small business contract (not 8A) then the ethnicity of your owner has no factor in the decision process. A larger part of the criteria of getting a contract is having had a contract in the pas, there is a saying in the government "No one has ever been fired for hiring Lockheed".

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I can program/develop for about 6 hours a day effectively the other 2 hours at work I use for emails meetings etc... I had at one time attempted 4 10 work days a week I found that often the last 2 hours I would either make a lot of mistakes or be unable to find solutions to an issue that I would find instantly when I got to work in the morning.
On the flip side although I am not at work I never actually stop working, I will even wake up out of a dead sleep and realize I have coded something wrong and have the correct way in my head for implementation in the morning.

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